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Human resource is popularly and known as HR that is the arbitrary name. It is an organisational behaviour and belief to maintain the workflow of the organisation and develop gradually. The idea that is related to HR is purely to drive an innovative idea and increased productivity of a particular company. The process of Human resource management is generally related to employee management and recruitment as a part to carry forward and maintain a good workforce. Employees and employment are considered as assets of a company and HR team is managing as well as developing the team to enhance company’s performance. HR team have lot of responsibilities to the company and its development process. A HR team needs to do recruiting of employees, management of their skills, make them aware of the company rules and employee compensations. Apart from that, proper training, make them aware of every significant details of the company and need to develop their ideas according to the company rules. The most important part that the HR team need to play is motivating and retaining skilled employees for the company PR management also included in the HRM department. Therefore, a HR team of an organisation is the core, and it needs to be developed as per time to meet a high revenue and position in market companies needed to develop their HR team accordingly.

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What are the Primary Responsibilities under Human Resource Management?

Maintenance of valuable resources and assets of a company, meet all requirements of the company while chasing their project or business deals are among the top most responsibilities of the HR team. Here few more responsibilities have been discussed.

  •         Recruitment and Selection

In the process of recruiting and selecting appropriate candidate or performer for a company is not at all an easy job. Based on the selection, future production and growth of the company will be judged by the market experts. Therefore, while selecting and recruiting an employee it needs to be appropriate for the role the employee has been selected.

  •         Workforce Planning

The first stage of working is planning for the workforce. The HR team needs to start their duty from proper planning of the entire workforce system. As it is first step of working, other processes and discussion is based on this decision.



It is generally related with the paycheck of the employees. The wages, salary, incentives these are involves in this section. However, the responsibility of the team is more delicate here, as a company face huge and serious problems if the employee group can identify any kind of salary issue.

  •         Job Analysis

Analysing the job appropriately is one of the biggest challenging responsibilities of the HR team. In this process, the HR team members need to write the job description, and then the choice of right and appropriate candidate or participant is a crucial part.

  •         Training and Development

When the employees are recruited in a company, the HR team is responsible to make them aware of the working rules and organisation policies. However, the HR team is responsible to develop their skills according to their position and company’s reputation, so that they can perform and meet company’s expectation. Training can transform a weak employee to a competent employee.

  •         Industrial Relations/Employee Relations

This is one of the newest amendments on HR responsibilities. As according to this, the HR team need to provide guidance to the employees about the employee rules and regulation, legislation, and management risks.

  •         Organizational Development/Change Management

When a company has taken a project or dealing with another company, there need to be a process or planning of the project.  Planning needs to be there to help the employees for executing the project without facing any issue.

  •         Orientation

When a new employee joins a new workplace it is HR team that need to help the employees to get used to the working environment like other employees. Moreover, the employee compensation, benefit programs and other company rules that they need to maintain within the working environment.

  •         Performance Appraisal

Performance appraisal is all about monitoring the employees and their performances. It is included the regular record keeping and checking the improvement of each employees of the organisation to increase the revenue margin and produce a high quality services or products. It can use the key performance indicators to identify the performance and the improvement of their performance.

  •         Keeping Records

Keeping record of each significant details of organisational working process is one of the oldest processes of HR team. Recording is not only related to employees and their performance records. It also related with the previous records of an employee. Moreover, the health issues, employment history, other personal records and information, their pay scale, time span of working all are included in the record keeping section. Therefore, there need to be an appropriate and patients staff of HR team that will be able to keep all the records accordingly to their importance. As these are the important and significant information of a company, the HR team needs to make sure the confidentiality of these data. If these data will be leaked in somewhere outside of the organisation, it can harm the business immensely, therefore, keeping the records and maintain their confidentiality is one of the oldest and most important responsibilities of the HR team.

Key Differences between Personal Management and HRM

  • There are many differences in Personal management and Human Resource Management. Personal management is more about the financial data payroll, and employee’s laws. On the other hand, the HR department is completely focused on the resource management, organisational success and maintaining a good performances of a company.
  • Personal management is considered as the reactive element of the organisation as it only related to fulfil the organisational and professional demand of employees. On the contrary, the HR policies and management is considered as proactive system. It identifies the reasons behind the success or failure of the employees and tries to address that accordingly to develop organisational performance.
  • Human resource is an inseparable part of an organisation but Personal management team can be considered as autonomous entity of the organisation.
  • There is a difference between their working approaches, as the personal management team wants to boost the working force by rewards, bonus and compensation. The HR team believes in strategy and motivation techniques to enhance the productivity and quality of the service.
  • The main goal and consideration of the personal management team is to fulfil the desires and demand of the employees of an organisation, but the HR team is only work to achieve the organisational goal by enhancing the productivity and skills of the employees.
  • The HR team believes in meeting the organisational goal by motivating the employees with effective motivational techniques and adapting developed technologies. In this way the employers are able to develop their professional knowledge and skills. On the contrary, the personal management is focused on only fulfilling the desires of the employees, which can cause of lost of their skills and they will become demoralized.

These are basic differences in between the HRM and Personnel management.

Is there any Difference between HRM and Personnel Management?

There are students that do not have a clear idea about the HR working system. In order to understand the entire system of working they have used personal management and HRM together. However, HRM has been introduced to the business sector as an extension of Personnel management. Earlier the business industry was not so modified as of now. The Personal management team used to handle the recruitment and salary of the employees. Later on when the employees and their need, employee management and resource management become important for the capitalised companies then HRM emerged as one of the alternatives of Personnel management.

  •        Comparison Chart
Similarities Dissimilarities
Both of the ideas are related with the employees and their group performances HRM HCM
Both are working to achieve organizational goal by enhancing the employee’s quality and skills HRM is based on the management of resources of manpower Humana Capital Management is focusing on each assets, implementation of talent and improvement professional and communication skills
It has been said that H Capital Management   has replaced the idea of HRM, but it is not true as Human Capital Management complements the working process of HRM. HRM is always related to measuring the workforce as the most important aspect of organisation They are approaching the manpower as the greatest assets of an organization
Both team is working through adopting new strategies to enhance the organisational growth In HRM system the use of employee’s simple benchmarking system has been used In this process the complicated technique has been used to evaluate
Both team are working in favour of all employees and stakeholders of an organisation HR team is the only one that can handle the process In special cases of organisational performance measurement, this process has been used


Human Resource Management (HRM) Vs Human Capital Management (HCM)

There are much dissimilarity between HRM and Human Capital Management. However, the interesting factor is both of these are related and working with the human power or resources that related with work force.

Is Human Capital Management the new name of Human Resource Management?

Earlier when the workload of business sectors was less, the pressure on employees and employee management group was less. The concept of Human capital management came in the current year the workload and employees, their demands, organisational assets, different resources all need to be managed in an appropriate manner so that company can compete with others. Competition is also another reason for the growing pressure on the management group of a company, to maintain that Human Capital management concepts were been used. With the growing number of employees, they are now more focused on brushing up their professional skills to become successful. On the other hand, they focus on the reservation and management of the resources and assets of the company. Therefore, nowadays, it is more relevant to call it the Human Capital management than Human Resource management.

An Ideal Model of HRM

A HRM model needs to be included with all the responsibilities of the HR department. A model needs to be developed in a way that will help the organisation to achieve the organisational goal by enhancing the productivity in a technical manner. Through the model the workforce and the working environment will be developed. Here is a system model of HRM that refers to the chronological system that a HRM team needs to maintain.

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The Changing Focus of HRM

A company has a HRM team to make sure that the employees of their organisation will have proper and appropriate knowledge regarding their job and the organisational goal. There are many responsibilities of an HRM team, recruiting, and choosing appropriate and suitable candidate for a company, management of the latent and skills of the employees and meet organisational goal by cooperating with all departments. Apart from these, administrating and conducting training to the employees are also involved in the responsibility list of the HRM.

According to the traditional description of the HRM, an effective team of HRM can motivate employees to contribute to achieve the organisational goal. Motivating and developing the work environment are among the most important responsibilities of HRM, as these help motivates the employees to put more effort for the organisational growth.

Apart from these traditional responsibilities, there are many new and upgraded responsibilities of HRM that are visible from last few decades. The HRM team now need to involve in the strategy utilization of a company to add value on that. Moreover, the employees and their skills need to be developed accordingly, they need to make sure that all employees are developing and contributing with their best to achieve a high growth of the company.

In many industries, employees are considered as the most valuable asset or resource to achieve a high growth or to stay longer in the competitive market of international business.

Revised Roles of HR Manager

In an organisation a HR manager is playing an important role, however, earlier they need to take directions from the executive team of an organisation but nowadays their responsibilities have been revised to a better position. They do not need to take directions from the executive team any further but they are themselves are authorized to execute the business solution to enhance the work ability and potential of the employees to reach at a high position in market. Here the revised roles of the HR manager have been discussed.

  • The HR managers are now except to suggest developed and unique strategies to the company and the HRM team to make sure a high growth of the company. Moreover, they need to aware if, the employees and the company itself will not face any legal issues, especially, and anything related employment laws.
  • Generally, the HR team need to serve to employees and the managers of a company, but in nowadays, it becomes much wider than before. Now the team need to take care of many departments and treat them equally. Weather they are employees, stakeholders, owners, executives or the customers.
  • According to the revised roles of a HR manager, they need to identify all the opportunities for developing and preparing a company for achieving high growth. Simultaneously they need to be the traditional employee motivator to make sure that employees are willing to take challenges to achieve a new milestone.
  • HR manager need to work to maintain the competitive qualities of a company. Similarly, the employees who are working in the HRM department need to make sure that the employees are aware of the business priorities of that particular company.
  • One of the most important changes in the role of the HRM departments is the transformation from the department that used fulfil the demands of employees and managers, no they need to create agendas that would help an organisation to grow faster.
  • As the HRM, team is now authorized to take decisions, execute and implement them. The HR managers are also expected to become a strong business consultant that can provide the beneficial advice to a company.
  • HR managers are now upgraded with their new responsibilities, as they are now sharing their ideas and views with the business leaders. At the same time HR manager need to play the role of a leader, which involves in strategic project of a company. This also related to the change management function.

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HR Policy

  •        Explanation

HR policies are the certified statements in which the ways an organisation need to handle their employees, the laws, legislations and organisational regulation has been documented. This is a systematic rule that the HRM department need to follow to guide the entire set of employees of an organisation. HR policies represent a set of rules through which the employees of an organisation need to guided under the organisational roof to meet the organisational goal.

The arrivals of the HR policies are quite important, as earlier many organisations have faced problems due to lack of any proper guideline to resolve the problems of employees.

  •        Characteristics

The HR policies are needed to be in written format and authorized to implement all the rules and regulations of an organisation. HR policies help the supervisors and the managers of a company to help to guide the entire set of employees of an organisation. There are other more characteristics of the HR policies that are mentioned below.

  • The language in that the policies are written is very important. As every employee do not have the same understanding or injected power, therefore to make sure that the employees understand the policies very well as the policies are made to guide them in the right direction.
  • HR policies is important for all employees of a company, therefore, there need to be several copies of the policy to the managers and the supervisors so that they can easily check the policies frequently.
  • The certain changes need to included in the policy by the time and need to modified each time any change have been done in the policy.
  • The use of disclaimers needs to be in the policy copies. The HR policies should not be used inappropriately, to avoid that the disclaimer is needed.
  • Revision of the page number is very important. There are many organisations those add a new page whenever any new policy has been added. However, this process should not be carry forward and modification of the page number need to be done.

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10 Best HR Practices of High Impact Value

There are plenty of HR practices can help different organisations in much different way. The implementation and the effect of HR practices varies according to the type of organisation, the size, leadership style of the organisation and even history, culture all are included at the list based on those HR practices have been chosen or implemented. Here are ten HR practitioners that can help an organisation to improve the workability of employees.

  • Well-structured Administration and Business Case Development

Growth of a business or an organisation can be possible by acquiring a clear understanding of the business priorities and the relation with the leaders of the business. An engaged discussion and planning process can help an organisation to develop and achieve the desired position.

  • Enforce Advance Level Workforce Planning Capabilities

This system of advanced level workforce planning is related to compose a work according to a fixed plan. The plans and strategies need to be simplifying accordingly an organisation’s need, so that they can create new strategies to help those particular organisations.

  • Enforce the ‘Right’ HR Philosophers

Every organisation wants to maintain a motivating working environment, so that it can help each employees to focus on their responsibilities towards the company, moreover it will help them to concentrate on the organisational success can be considered as a positive HR philosophy. Ion the other hand, cost cutting can be considered as one of the most in effective ways of increasing the revenue margin.

  • 4 Decrease Administration Task for HR Partners

Different organisation has different approach to complete the organisational goal. First, they need to plan for the work, manage the skills of the employees, and then decision-making and execution of the plan need to be done. Therefore, to complete the efficient and effective HR practices, the team members need to follow these rules instead of just administration.


  • Enforce a Flexible Design for HR Organization

There is no specific and fixed design to achieve the desired goal of an organisation. The key elements need to be maintained. Other than that, the structure or design of working need to flexible, so that they can be changed accordingly for a positive impact on the organisation.

  • Enhance Direct Employee-related HR System

The HR practices that involve with the employees and successful to have positive impact on employees can be proved as most successful HR practices, as employees are considered as one of the most valuable assets of organisations.

  • Assess the HR Business Metrics and Operations

Effective and efficient measurement strategies are one of the most important factors of the HR team. However, the measurements of the strategies need to be done in a way that can support the business strategy of a company.

  • Enhance Internal HR Skills

As organisations has the HR team to maintain the employees and for developing and maintaining their skills. However, as there are various changes in the responsibilities and working procedure of the HRM team, therefore, to maintain the employee’s skills, first the managers and employees of HRM department need to be train according to the recent changes in HRM working process. In order to increase the competence of the employees the HRM, managers need to ensure that time and resources are using in an appropriate amount to develop the skills of the employees. The managers need to ensure the right investments of resources of organisation to meet the organisational goal efficiently.

  • Develop Line Manager’s Capabilities

Working with the line managers is very important rather that those are not prepared for taking any organisation decision and need help from others. Therefore, in these cases, the HR department should not to depend on few basic resources of an organisation, but they need to incorporate other elements that can help them to achieve the goal more efficiently.

  • Outsource HR Services with Proven Strategies

Based on the maturity level of the company outsourcing can be decided. The HR team need to be focus on the areas that need to be developed to gain competitive advantage in market. The weak areas are generally chosen for outsourcing.

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Challenges Faced by HR Department

In order to maintaining a consistent performance, every HR department faces problem regarding the process or strategies. Weather it is a big company or a small, they can face problem at any time while performing their responsibilities.

  • Employee Management

Retaining the skilled and good employees is one of the most challenging thing that every organisation and their HRM, team have been facing. However, retaining the employees is the individual task of the HRM. They need to take care of adequate compensation, motivation, employee satisfaction all need to be maintained to retain them.

  • Compensations and Benefits

HRM needs to work to enhance company growth, but at the same time, it they needs to make sure that the wage system, employee benefits and the compensation should be provided to the employee’s timely. On the other hand, if there is others those are offering much salary than they are, the situation need to be handled very tactfully to retain those employees.

  • Diversity Management

The diversity of management is a wider aspect; it is not limited to the traditional race, religion, colour and sex. It also included the type and style of work, communication, language and generation. The HR department has the responsibility to make sure every single employee feel free to work efficiently to meet the organisational goal. In order to achieve this HR team need to understand e3ach employee and their motives in an organisation.

  • Talent Management

The HR team need to be focus on the latent and skills management of the employees to make sure their development should influence the organisational development. Talent management is included selection, identification of each employee’s ability, management of their performances, motivate them to perform better and maintaining a workforce. These help an organisation to maintain a higher position in the industry. In order to accomplish all these HRM faces numerous problems, sometimes it can be shortage of employees also.

  • HR Outsourcing

HR department has frequently faced the issue of deciding whether they should outsource the development programs of a company or need to develop the inner source that their company have. One of the biggest issue is they need choose between these two, whether they should take help from the outsourced HR service providers or invest on their own resources for better result. Based on this decision the quality of service and workforce can be affected.

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HR Management Environment in Australia

HR practices are different in each country, as the process is based on human or the manpower of an organisation, then the policies and process of management need to be changed according to various countries. Based on this here few elements have been discussed that play important role in HR management environment in Australia.

  • If the recent changes can be identified (2015), then the there is a certain Increasement in the wage system, which grows $17.20 per hour or it can be calculated like $656.90 for working the entire week.
  • In 2009, the Fair Work Act has proposed a national employment standard. According to this act, the parents and caregivers are permitted to ask their respective organisations to arrange a special work scheduled, so that they can take care of their children under 18 years old, or those children are disable. This unique right of the employees to ask their respective organisations to arrange a family friendly work atmosphere is an inseparable part of Australian HR environment.
  • From 2012, the OHS regulation has been standardized to make sure the consistent performance of the legislation and rules. In general, different countries and territorial community control the codes of health and safety.
  • The Superannuation guarantee has been increased by 9.5%, it was 9.25% earlier.
  • In Australia when people go overseas for a temporary reason then most of them prefer 457 visas. According to sources, the employees that hold 457 visas are underpaid, and abused most of the time. Therefore, the Australian Labour Government decided to review and revised the 457-visa program that has been come in force from 2009.

HR Management Environment in UK

In this section few elements has been discussed that have great impact on UK and its HR management environment.

  • According to National Minimum Wage and National Living Wage  the rates have been revised, such as, under 18 (£3.87), 18-20 years old (£5.30), 21-24 years old (£6.70), 25 and above 25 (£7.20 ) will be applicable from 1st April 2016.

Rate HR practices in UK

  • According to the general rules of HR management of UK, all employees need to agree on the organisational changes. In case, if any big issue arrives then the employee and employer can consult with each other to solve the problem. If they have not solved issue, the employee can go to trade union representatives, citizen advisors.
  • In UK the employees get the opportunity to apply for a flexible working hour according to their need. It is not only restricted among the caregivers and parents, all employees of UK have legal rights to set working hour accordingly. In this process, they need to request their employer.
  • As it is maintained in UK, according to Federal Government, employees need to be provided with three different types of breaks. One is 20 minutes break in everyday working period, 11 hours of break in between 2 working days, and 24 to 48 hours of gap or break in weekly working hours.
  • There is strict directions, that no employee can be forced to work at Sundays, unless both of them agree on the same. It only can be practiced if there is a mention of this practice in the written contract.

UK and their HR working policies have plenty of positive sides; moreover, those special acts and legal rights of the employees are influencing the HR policies and working process of entire UK.

HR Management Environment in USA

Here some of the legislations, working rules and code, conducts have been mentioned that influence the HR management environment of USA.

  • In the current economical status, the workers ofb US have been raising voice to increased their per hour salary, which is $7.25 in the recent time, but they have demanded to increase it up to $15. As time passes the issue is gaining popularity, based on this New York City and California have agreed on increasing the rate up to $15 by the year 2022.
  • In US people who are going through a divorce can take help from the HR professionals. In case, if they need to change the insurance, medical coverage’s, change in personal details, in retirement policies, all these aspects can be consulted with HR professionals.
  • Family and Medical Leave Act of US is one of the most important Acts in the sector of HTR management environment. According to this law the employees are allowed to take unpaid leaves, leaves for medical purpose, leave for family issues. In last 5 years, the request for Family and Medical Leave Act has been increased. Due to this the HR professionals face problems to carry out any consistent legislation.
  • According to the Occupational Safety and Health Act, the employees need to be provided with the occupational safety and healthy workplace to motivate them to work more efficiently. In order to maintain a standard in the workplace, after lot of research an organisation has been created called National Institution for Occupational of Safety and Health. All private and government sectors are bound to implement these acts in their workplace to maintain a certain standard of safety and health.
  • In US, there are plenty of acts that represent the diversity in an workplace. Diversity issues can become one of the biggest problems of the HRM team. Civil Rights Act of 1964 (VII), Pregnancy Discrimination Act, Equal Pay Act, and The Americans with Disability Act are important among the acts that are related to discrimination in workplace.

All these are important elements of HR management environment of US; these important aspects have deep impact on the HRM environment of US and make it unique from other countries.

Human Resource   Management Environment in Canada

  • Current wage system is $10.45 per hour for the adult that are experienced. However, Canada is thinking about increasing the rates based on the consumer price index.
  • While recruitment the Human Resource team needs to treat each employee equally and need to provide equal opportunity. Moreover, the Human capital management and HR management team need to be well aware of the HR policies and provide each employee the beneficial sides of the policies.
  • The HR departments of Canada are providing their employees different facilities, like, Canada Pension Plan, Worker Compensation, Employment Insurance to increase the standard of the employees and their living style.
  • To become objective and passionate while recruiting for the company is one of the focuses of the HR management department of Canada.

Human Resource Career Path

Every organisation needs help of the HR department to maintain the talent and the employee skills of the organisation. Whether it is small and or big organisation, HR team, needs to be there to help the company to become successful and meeting the goal. HR team is related to various responsibilities of an organisation, such as, playing the role of an advisor and leader to make the employees well, aware of the organisation policies, their responsibilities and duty towards the organisation.

Today, the organisations have a lot of demand and expectations from the HR manager. The manager needs to be well educated, smart, and someone that can reach to the company’s expectation and help in meeting organisational goal. HR career part is a valuable and viable option for any graduate student.

Before appearing for a HR manager, the students need to identify few key qualities they should have, if they want to be become a successful HR manager in future.

  • Effective communication skills
  • High and standard motivation level
  • The candidate needs to be compassionate and meticulous
  • Entire knowledge of employee and company laws
  • Ability to give right direction
  • Disciplined and the ability to maintain a disciplined workplace

Career Paths under Human Resource Management

As it is seen in the picture, there are HR administrator, HR analyst, HR specialist, HR project manager, and HR manager, HR business manager. These are the popular career path of the HR department. Apart from that, HR generalists, HR director, Dispute Resolution Specialist are also included in the HR career path.

Experienced business professionals take interest in HRM too

The HR team members working in corporate also needs to have enough sense of business. The senior business professionals nowadays take interested on the HRM working procedure, so that they can conduct the Management with the business sense, according to the current business professionals the HR team members are not professional enough or do not have the business sense to guide or direct the senior post mangers.

Towards a successful career

They are still drawn by emotion and cooperate with the seniors. However, if the process can be could be conducted with the business sense then the HR team members should know that organisation has given them the position and responsibility to guide others to the right direction, instead of cooperating with other senior employees.

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