What do you mean by Conflict Management?

Conflict Management is a strategy to manage any kind of disputes and conflicts in a corporate or business organization. It is a practice of recognizing conflicts in a workplace and dealing with it a fair and sensible manner. The strategies of conflict management is generally used in business organization overcome issues and improve qualities such as good communication and negotiating skills and other problem solving skills so that the company meets the goal. Writing an assignment on the conflict management can be difficult tasks as it requires lots of information, strategies and various problem solving techniques. Conflict management assignment help will help in gathering the information and materials that are needed for writing assignments on conflict management.


Advantages and disadvantages of Conflict Management

 There are several benefits of resolution of conflicts in a workplace; however conflict management has certain drawbacks also. Students will find all the advantages and disadvantage of managing conflicts in a workplace.


Planning and implementation of conflict resolution strategies takes and ample amount of valuable time which can be used for other productive works. Wastage of time involved in creating and implementing conflict management strategies is a major disadvantage.


Managing conflicts at a workplace increases the productivity of the organization. According to the experts of conflict management assignment help increase in the productivity is the major advantage of conflict resolution. Though planning and implementation of conflict management strategy takes time but once it is implemented it will increase the productivity and in the long run it will prove to be efficient. A workplace having no conflicts will focus on more important works rather than wasting time on resolving the conflict and that will increase the productivity of the organization.



According to the experts of the conflict management assignment help there is no hardcore technique and formula for resolving a conflict at a workplace because the conflicts that arises can be very different to each other and using same strategy for different types of disputes and conflict can be unfair and can go horribly wrong. In such a case conflict resolution strategies can be disadvantageous. Having multiple strategies for different types of conflict can be advantageous and moreover strategies should be such that different types of conflicts can be recognized and dealt differently.


According to the experts of the conflict management assignment help managing conflicts at the workplace increases the creativity and productivity of the work place because if there is no issues and conflicts in the workplace employees will focus on their work which automatically increase the productivity and creativity of the organization.

Strategies for managing conflicts at workplace

Writing an assignment on conflict management requires the thorough knowledge on the topic because the assignment should contain the strategies that are needed to manage the conflicts in the workplace which requires a sound knowledge and understanding of the key principles of conflict resolution. Conflict management assignment help will provide students the major strategies for managing conflicts in an organization.


The most important strategy for managing conflicts in an organisation is the accommodating strategy. Accommodating strategy is based on the idea of providing and looks after the needs of the people of the opposite side. According to the experts of the conflict management assignment help accommodating strategy is useful dealing with the people who are in the minority in the workplace. There many advantages as well as disadvantages of using accommodating strategy. The advantages of accommodating strategy are that it focuses and protects the interest which is important and vital while giving upon the stuffs which are not that important. The other advantage of using accommodating strategy is that it enables to view conflicts from a different point of view.  Accommodating strategy is useful for managing conflicts in the workplace but still there is certain disadvantage of using this theory. People who accommodate the people of opposite side would not always get an good response from them in fact they use abusive language which can affect the confidence of the people who is providing accommodation to the people of the other side.


Many people in the workplace face bad behaviors from other employees and seniors and many of them just avoid such behaviors. The avoiding strategy can be both advantageous and disadvantageous. In some cases avoiding of such behavior can avoid a big conflict but if the issue is persisting for a very long without any confrontation of addressing the issue to the senior management can be very harmful for the organization. Some of the pros and cons of the avoiding strategy is stated by the experts of the conflict management assignment help. The benefits of avoiding strategy are an employee who is charged by an aggressive behavior by other employee in the workplace can avoid the situation without giving an response and can postpone the response until he is in a better position. Avoiding strategy lowers the stress because it avoids a big conflict. An employee can focus on more important and urgent task by using the avoiding strategy because it does not lets the dispute to raise. A person can respond in a better way by avoiding the response until he or she prepares by gathering information. However there are also certain drawbacks of using avoiding strategy because it can lower the self-confidence and weaken the position of the employee in the workplace. In a situation where more than two parties are involved in a conflict then avoiding and being silent in such situation can negatively affect the relationship of the employee with the party which is involved in the conflict and expect an action.



According to the experts of the conflict management assignment help collaborating strategy is an effective strategy for conflict resolution because this solution where all the parties agree on the common terms. It is very useful because it helps in maintaining peace and harmony in the office there is only one issue related to this strategy is it is applicable for all kinds of conflicts. The benefits of using collaborating strategy as stated by the experts of the conflict management assignment help is that collaborating strategy can effectively solve an issue. Respect and trust form peoples of different parties can be won by using this strategy. Using the collaborating strategy will earn a good reputation in the organization. However there are also some drawbacks of using collaborating strategy it is very difficult to make all the parties to accept on a common terms because no party wants to compromise. This time takes a hell lot of time than any other strategy because here lots of discussion is needed for accepting a common solution for all the parties involved in the conflicts. This strategy cannot be implemented when a quick and urgent solution is required because implementation of this strategy takes a lot of time.



Compromising strategy is a conflict management strategy in which all the parties involved in the conflict needs to sacrifice on some part of their position for creating or establishing a solution which is acceptable if not agreeable. According to the experts of the conflict management assignment help this strategy is most effective if in a conflict both the parties equally strong and holds a similar position. Compromising strategy is usually used by the business organizations when negotiating on the business deals and creating business contracts with other business organization. The benefits of compromising strategy as stated by the conflict management assignment experts are the strategy of compromising in conflicts results into a quick resolution. In many cases it can also be a temporary compromise for getting into a better position. It lowers and reduces the stress because it avoids a bigger conflict.

According to the experts of the conflict management assignment help there also some disadvantages of compromising strategy. It is very difficult to achieve in some cases because in some cases neither of the parties wants to compromise and in some cases one party compromises on a certain part but the other party does not wants to compromise which can result into big conflict. This strategy does not build a trust between the parties. According to the experts of the conflict management assignment help before using the compromising strategy the situation should be carefully monitored and understood so that no party gets exploited.



In this strategy there is no need of collaboration, compromise and not discussion is required the parties compete which other and the best one wins. According to the experts of the conflict management assignment help it is game of zero sum where one has to win and the other has to lose. This competing strategy is effective where there are very less number of conflicts. There are some advantages as well as disadvantages of using the competing strategy. The advantages of this strategy as stated by the conflict management assignment experts are that it can provide solution very quickly. The self-esteem and confidence of the party which wins the conflicts increases a lot. The competing strategy also has some very negative drawbacks. It further degrades the relationship with the opponent who had suffered a loss. It can also make the opponent into a hostile enemy who can take harmful actions in the future.