Change management is the strategy of project management which involves the implementation certain modifications and changes into the project. It is the modification and movements of the employees, team or the whole organization to better futuristic condition which is desired from the present condition of the organization. This strategy can be very effective but on the other hand it is very difficult to achieve because such a change involves lot of resistance and various issues arises but once it is achieved it can be highly beneficial for the organization. Change management strategy means to empower the employees of an organization to accept the modification for the development of the organization. A change management strategy includes various changes in the organization such as technological changes, organizational changes, improvement of company’s structure etc. Change management assignment help from DMG Solution can be very useful for writing assignments on change management. Students can get all the information, facts and other useful materials that are required for writing an assignment from here.

Factors for the growth of importance of the change management

There are several factors responsible for the increase in use of change management in several organizations. Some of the important factors as stated by the experts of the change management assignment help from DMG Solution are:

 Technological innovations:

Technology is developing at very high rate in every field and every industry. Almost every day new technology and innovations are being experienced in every sector. Every organizationbe it any field is adopting new technologies and implementing them into their business process to increase the efficiency and productivity. Use of social media and implementation mobile adaptability has become a new revolution in the modern corporate world. The advancement of technology has lots and lots of advantages but it also has some disadvantages. With the growth of technology many employees are facing various types of issues because they have to always increase their knowledge and learn new technologies that are being introduced and it becomes very difficult for some employees to cope up with rapid growth of the technology. The employees who are old find it very difficult to learn new technologies and as a result many of them get sacked from their companies. The other negative effect of the growth of technology is that with the help of new technologies work of several employees can be done by single or few employees as a result companies are sacking their employees for the sake cost cutting.

Organizational Change:

Organizational change is another very important factor responsible for the change management.  In today’s world business environment is changing rapidly so to cope up with this significant rapid change business organizations should also change their business processes. There is a need for changing the workplace of the business organizations in order to survive. However bringing a quick change in the business environment and business process is not easy and will experience a huge resistance from the existing environment of the company because the employees of the organization are used to work in a certain environment and routine for many years does not accept a certain huge change at once. Therefore the change should be brought slowly and effectively such that the employees are able to accept the change.

Competitive Advantage:

As the technology is developing at a very high rate and also many organizations are adopting and implementing new technologies. However implementing a new technology into the organization is not an easy task. The employees of the company needs to learn the new technologies that is being introduced in the company at first then only they will be able to use the new technology for that the company needs to train their employees. However, once the employees are trained and new technology has been implemented into the operations and the business processes the organizations gets a competitive edge over their competitors.  Change management assignment help from DMG Solution covers all these topics in depth from where students can gather all the information and data that is required for the writing the assignment on change management.

 Improvement of company’s structure:

Bringing change and modification in the company affects everyone including the employees as well as the top officials of the company as a result the whole of the company’s structure gets improved.


Factors leading to Change Management

Writing an assignment or a dissertation on change management it is important to mention the factors that lead to the change management. Students can find the important factors leading to the change management in the change management assignment help of DMG Solution. The important factors as stated by the experts of change management assignment help are as follows:

 Effective communication:

Effective communication is one of the major factors that lead to change management in an organization. Effective communication helps in providing information to the various stakeholders of the organization that why a change management is needed, and what are the benefits of implementing this change for them and the organization, and what are the changes that are being done and who are responsible and involved regarding this change and the cost that will be incurred in bringing this change. Students will find details about effective communication in change management assignment help.

Specify Objectives:

It is very important to specify the objectives for which the change is being brought. The objectives for bringing the change can be like stakeholders claims that need to be defined, monitoring the assumptions of the business process, return on investment, costs, creation and updation of business case for development and any other issues which can affect the business process of the organization. Details of this topic can be found in change management assignment help of DMG Solution.

Effective Upgrading scheme:

Effective Upgrading scheme is one the basic and primary aspect of change management. It involves activities like providing training to the employees for the change such as introduction of new technology in the organization, educating or upgrading the skills of the employees to increase the productivity of the workplace.

Countering the Resistance:

It is one most important factor which is required for bringing a change in the work environment of an organization. When a change in the workplace of a company is brought the employees are reluctant to accept the change because they are used to work in the previous system for many years as a result it provides a huge resistance to the change that is being brought. Therefore, it very important, for the organizations to implement some of the strategies to counter such resistance in future for smooth functioning of every department within the organisation.

Personal Counselling:

Personal counselling is very important in change management strategy because when a change is brought in the work process of the company the employees are highly affected by that. The employees need to learn the new technology and upgrade their skills for the change that is being brought therefore they need personal counselling is very important to motivate them.

Monitoring the implementation of change:

Proposing and implementing the strategy for the change that has been brought is not sufficient. It is very important to monitor the  implementation of the change to ensure that the change is being brought effectively otherwise the organization can experience a huge loss because bringing such a change the organization has to invest lots of time and money and if it is not effectively implemented everything will be wasted.


Choice of Changes that needs to be implemented

The four important factors as stated by the experts of change management assignment help that should be noted before choosing and adopting the latest technology and technique. Before adopting a technology the goals and strategies should be made clear and what are the benefits that the organization will experience by adopting the new technology. A system should be developed for measuring the development of company by bringing the change. Steps should be planned for bringing the change in a proper sequence. The implementation of the change should be monitored. Change management assignment help will make the students understand this topic better as these factors are explained in details.

Steps required for Change Management

Various changes can be brought in an organization by the change management strategy but the most important factor for bringing the change in the organization is the ability of the organization to convince its employees to accept the change that needs to be brought for the growth of the organization. The four major steps to implement the change management strategy in the organization as stated by the experts of change management assignment help. Thereby it is important for the students to include these steps while writing assignment on change management.

  • Recognising the positive and the negative effects of the change in a broader aspect.
  • The adjustments that needs to be done for implementing the change.
  • Providing sufficient training to the employees for the change.
  • Convincing and winning the support of the employees for bringing the change.

Examples of Organizational Changes

Some of the major changes in the organization that can be brought by change management  strategy as stated by the experts of change management assignment help are changes in strategies of the organization, missionary changes, Structural changes, operational changes, change in technologies, behavioural changes etc. These changes are explained in details in the change management assignment help which are required for writing assignments on change management.

Expected Outcomes of Change management process

Some important expected outcomes of applying change management strategies in an organization as stated by the experts of change management assignment help. Change management strategy increases the creativity and productivity of the organization as the employees and labours of the company become more skilled educated and with the adoption of new advanced technology the efficiency of the organization increases. With the help of change management strategy the communication skills of the company’s employees and officials becomes better which helps in better communication between the  officials and the employees. Change management strategy should provide a competitive edge to the organization so that the organization can compete with their competitors. The outcomes of change management strategies are explained in details in the change management assignment help.