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Supply chain management as a subject

In simple words, SCM is managing the flow of goods or information from one strategic location to another. This type of management requires coordination between the different functional units of a business. A proper SCM demands systematic procedure that will improve timely delivery and performance in the long-run.  SCM also requires integrating other essential operational activities like materials planning, procurement process etc.

The subject of supply chain management is not only limited here. It also integrates with other integral processes like:

  • customer relationship management
  • performance measurement
  • warehouse management
  • Physical distribution through proper marketing channel
  • Logistics and procurement process

The subject of supply chain management also has the scope to apply the concept of total quality management (TQM) and lean management concepts like Kaizen. It also explores the concept of material resource planning (MRP) which provides insight regarding inventory control and production planning. This subject will also raise queries like logistics cost, distribution centers, docking and shipping, distribution strategy, optimization of cost etc.

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