Among one of the leading management writing services, Operation assignment help is one the renowned academic writing services. In the context of management, controlling, designing, organizing and even administration of the production of goods and services are collectively termed as operations. Management aims at acquiring customer satisfaction through the meeting of the customer needs and requirements. Operations management is a vital aspect of the concept of management since it focuses on effective utilization of the available resources in order to meet the customer needs. Hence, operations can be defined as the management of processes involving the conversion of raw materials, time, energy and labour into quality goods and services. Assignments covering this broad idea of operations help in every aspect related to operations management.

Advancements in the production process:

With the onset of globalization and advancement in technology, the production process has also moved to its next level. In earlier times, craft guilds and domestic systems were involved in the production. In-home production of goods was involved in the domestic form of production where merchandisers provided raw materials to artisans at home. In the case of craft guilds, a group of artisans approached to different shops with their raw materials in order to produce the final product. However, with the technological advancement, these productions have been replaced by a number of advanced forms. The manual labour required to produce the end product in earlier times have been replaced by machines which has made the production process much easier and manageable. Moreover, it has also added to the quality of the end product after manufacturing. This entire production procedure needs to be covered in operation management assignments which are sufficiently guided by operations assignment help.

The importance of Operations Management:

Students adopting this service need to be acquainted with the importance and need of operations management. In the management of an organization or a firm, considering the importance of operation management is essential. In the case of firm management, monitoring and management of its physical and technical functions are termed as operations management. In this case, an assignment on operations management provides complete information regarding the key drivers of production in a firm and the operations involved along with its management. In order to retain customers, maintenance of goods quality is essential. Thus, operations management also monitors the manufacturing of goods and maintenance of its quality. In addition to it, it also focuses on the developmental process needed to be involved in order to have business development. Operations involve both science and art.

The principle factors to be focused in operations management includes programs of strategic management, manufacturing, industrial relations with labour, the process of production and process of equipment maintenance. Control of production, cost control programs, proficient trade supervision, and factory management, and process analysis, evaluation of productivity and planning of materials are also associated with operations. In order to have an effective operations management, a firm needs to include innovation, creativity, rationality, skilled workers, efficient management of human resources and technological awareness in order to have an efficient transfer of knowledge and production processes. Operations management help provides students with guidance in order to have an understanding the key factors of operational management and its importance in firm management.


Scientific Operations Management and its principles:

The theory of Taylor on scientific management states to analyze and evaluate the rate of the workflow. Its main objective is to improve economic efficiency through labour productivity. According to Taylor, the scientific management can be categorized into the following:

  • An approach towards scientific education in order to develop the skills and knowledge of the workers
  • Development of feasible technology
  • Effective interaction, communication, and cooperation among the workers and the management
  • Selection and hiring of workers scientifically

These principles determine the effectiveness of operations management. The operations assignment help guides the students on the principles of operation management in an efficient manner.

Production System:

In order to have an efficient production system, both technological elements and organizational approach are effective. The experts of the operation assignment help provide guidance on these aspects of the production system. Adequate use of tools, techniques, and machinery in collaboration with the proper utilization of human resources helps to have an effective production system. The operations management experts of this help service skilfully explain the difference between the continuous production process and discrete process to develop a deeper knowledge on a production system.

  • Discrete production process

In this form of the production process, the products are manufactured in individual unit production. These are mainly classified into low volume production with high capacity or vice versa. A gain of quality products with on time delivery in the market along with minimization of the production cost is obtained from low volume high complexity production unit. For instances, electronic goods, appliances, cables, PVC displays, computer and other technological accessories, cars and household items are discrete production.

  • Continuous Production process

A free flow production process in whi8ch the materials are manufactured and processed without any interruption is termed as a continuous production process. Chemical reactions, heat treatments, and mechanical procedures are involved in the continuous processing of the goods. It is used in the manufacturing of batch products. Some of the continuous production processes are casting of steel, chemicals, oil refining, blast furnaces and even fertilizers.

The operations assignment helps guides students regarding the characteristics of these two production processes in a detailed manner.

Metrics of Operations Management

The experts of operational assignment help provide detailed information regarding the metrics of the operations management. These metrics can be classified as:

  • Efficiency metrics

It includes productivity, overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), ABC analysis and Throughput. The standard metrics of efficiency is the evaluation of the ratio between input and output. It depends on factors such as workforce and its productivity, warehouse productivity, raw material productivity, machine productivity etc. OEE refers to the process of development of products in the cycle time efficiency, system availability at a quality rate. It acts as a key indicator in order to measure the efficiency. The analysis of revenue inventory can be stated as ABC analysis. It focuses on the fact that revenue segmentation is not required for revenue generation items on inventory. Throughput, on the other hand, states the number of goods produced in unit time. It is a quantifiable variable which is used in the concept of mass production.

  • Effective metrics

It includes quality, time, flexibility, price and green impact. Minimum utilization of resources for the production of quality goods with all associated product specifications is an essential factor of production. Flexibility needs to be involved in the rate of compressibility, the volume of production and stock availability. It needs to consider that the production process should involve minimum carbon footprint. The cost of production needs to be less than the market value which differs in case of each product. This cost of production involves manufacturing cost, the cost of up gradation and disposal, maintenance cost and most importantly, the cost of the raw materials used.

Academic importance of operations management

The MBA students opt operations management as their special paper. It involves the concept of production and organization of the production process. According to the operations assignment help, their MBA module involves the study of Manufacturing Operations and Service operations. This study field involves all concepts such as planning, design-oriented operational activities, organizing, controlling and allocation of operations as well as clear comprehension of the operational functions. Students who want to develop their entrepreneurship skills and position themselves as managers can seek for operations management as the special paper. This course is appropriate for business students who want to have a detailed knowledge of business management. The importance of technological awareness in production and management is an important aspect of business management.

Difficulties in Operations Management Assignments

Operations management module does not involve hardcore mathematics and complex calculations. Thus students having difficulty with mathematical calculations can easily approach the assignment. However, assignments of operations management require a focus on a number of areas and concepts which make the completion of assignment a challenge. The analytical models of operations management are derived from Simulation paradigm of discrete events. Other complex paradigm includes evaluation of complex network resources, a model of transaction level and much more. High marks in assignment require the coverage of key concepts such as inventory resources, quality management, input and output concept, technological awareness and its importance. Students lacking knowledge in these concepts and proper guidance of professors fail to create an effective assignment in order to obtain good marks.

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