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What is   the social science?

The ‘science’ word is originated from Latin word, Scientia, which is meant for knowledge. Here the knowledge are principally based on different evidences as well as tastes. Assignment of the social science will refer to that branch, which is generally concerned with the society including an individual of the society as an individual generally help to form that society.


Historical   background on Social science

In the great ‘age of enlightenment’, the promotion as well as the development of the social science can observe. During the ‘middle ages’ the centre of the attraction was their God.  Moreover, the new form of the enlightenment persuades the spirit of enquiry towards the human society. Now the human were the centre of the attraction in their society, these enhance the development and growth of the social sciences. Students, who are performing the assignment s on the social science, they will positively get the help to execute their task with the proper guidance of the institution.

Different   branches on social science

The main branches of the social science assignments are:


History generally inform about the past of the humans, principally the human science indicate that how their past is related with the humans. An umbrella term is basically applied to understand the huge variety in the history. Several things such as myths, events, memories, people ,places are illustrated and connected by the history. Like other domain of the social science, the subject history has huge diversity and it includes several subfields like the social science. To perform the task some information for the social science assignment are provided for help:

Military history

The military history generally deals with different wars and some military campaigns.

Social history

It is a huge field of social science; generally, it is concerned with the society as well as different people related with the society. It has special significance towards the assignment on social science.

Political history

Political history is referring to the political uprising as well as different political changes in the society.

Economic history

To execute the social science assessment, it is essential to develop the knowledge on the economic background of the social science. The economic history will provide political background that will help to understand different changes towards the production procedure in the society.

History of different ideas

According to the history of the branches of the social science, different relevant information have to gather to perform the assignment in a disciplined way. Here the experts of that institution will provide the guidance about the dominant procedures as well as thoughts that will define the collective-psyche of the social science. Social assignment will help to develop knowledge as well help to develop the writing skill of the students.


The economic field generally deals with the production, consumption and distribution of the wealth in the society. Two vital sub-fields of economics are included as the material to perform different assignments on the social science.


Here in this domain, the analysis of the household or an individual should measure. Some various investigations have to perform. These include several theories of prices, production, monopoly, game theory, costing and demand and supply. Student has to understand the concept of macroeconomics to perform any project on social science.


Microeconomics refers to the economy and its huge relevant factors that will bring significant changes in the social science. The major areas are like unemployment, economic growth, fiscal policies, inflation, current policy, commerce and international trade etc. To gain more knowledge regarding the social science student have to follow the assignment guide provide by the experts from the institution.

Political science

Assignment on the social science will help to develop the knowledge on political science. Generally political science refers to the practices as well as different theories of the government, some political behaviour or activities in the society. The political science are grouped into some sub types to illustrate the task as much as possible

Political theory

Political theories generally deal with different political concepts such as justice, freedom, democracy or right etc.

International relations

International relation refers to the study of different countries and their respective relations in the society. The social science assignment will help to get more knowledge in the international relation of several countries in the world.

Comparative politics

Comparative policies are including the comparison between various type of government policies such as capitalist, military, socialist, communist etc.

Public laws and administration

Finally the public administration and laws will help to identify different institution rules by which they generally make up their administration framework of a particular state. The guidance of the social science assignment will provide proper information on that particular field to develop the knowledge of the students.


The assignment on the social science will help for increase the knowledge on the sociology. Sociology is the studies of society that includes the behaviour of different people who belong to a particular society were anthropology refers to the people of different society. Some major sociology events basically include three dietary habit, recreational habit, marriage custom, religion custom etc. The sociology branch requires conducting an interview to understand the basic condition of a particular society.


Anthropology refers to human, anthropology means the study of human in the respective societies, which are relate with the humans. Anthropology deals with the activities of human; it is relate to the interdisciplinary relationship that borrows different methodologies in the social science

It includes different fields, that are-

  • Social anthropology
  • Cultural anthropology
  • Biological anthropology


Different relevant as well as very basic queries and questions regarding life, truth, reality, God, falsehood, bad and good can answered by the philosophical science. Assignments on social science help to cover five different branches of the philosophy namely-

  • Logic deal with different laws and principles of the philosophical reasoning
  • Epistemology generally referring to the science of wisdom and knowledge and different knowledge system
  • Aesthetics refer to the nature and idea of beauty
  • Metaphysics is the branch of study that considers most features regarding the human reality.
  • Ethics provide the differentiation between the right and wrong


According to the assignments of social science, this work will help the writer to develop knowledge about the remote part of the humans, during that time when the history was not record. There is different time including Stone Age, new Stone Age, agriculture age, copper Bronze Age.


Linguistic generally concern about the working methods of the languages. It included three major domains that are language form, language in the context and language meaning. The assignment on the social science will help to understand some important sub-field of the linguistics, these are

  • Semantics( refer to the study of the meaning of different words)
  • Phonology( the study of different sounds)
  • Phonetics ( the study included types of speeches)

Problems are faced by the students doing social   science assignments

Many students, who are studying the branches of social science, are bothered about the possibilities as well as ruminating of taking the social science as their subject. Students are looking for help to execute their assignment smoothly.

  1. The social science subject is interdisciplinary; the branches speak about their limitation of disciplines. The students face different problems regarding the methodology of their particular assignments that need to correct by the guidance of the experts.
  2. The subject is vast as well as much complex, philosophy enhance different questions whereas the economics help the student to verify the basic financial condition of the society. Students have to deal with the economic and philosophy during performing their tasks.
  3. Every assignment needs quality writing within a tight deadline. The higher academia generally have no idea for proving help on the behaviour of the humans, therefore the assignment needs more time to execute.

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