In Australia, Arts architecture assignment help is a very well-designed help service for students to assignment writing on arts and architecture subject. This service is the supreme service provided for helping in assignment writing. In various universities, academic course of arts and architecture becomes enormously popular course for study, across the world. In colleges and universities of different countries such as United Kingdom, United States of America, Australia, there are separate and distinct course in the branch of history of art, its criticism, theory of arts, philosophy of architecture and cultural discourse on it. This current article is based on the help service formulated to provide help to the students in assignment writing on arts and architecture such as architecture writing, dissertation and thesis on architecture, research paper and term paper on architecture and more.

What is art and architecture?

The academic branch of study about art and architecture covers particular three areas regarding different activities of human being like painting, architecture and sculpture. Activities regarding painting and sculpture are a broad part of art. On the other hand architecture is completely different academic course.

Art: Definition and history

From ancient time, art was a part of study but it diversified during the time of renaissance. With this diversification and differentiation, art and craft become two separate part of the same academic branch. Art is a representation based on aesthetics whereas craft termed as a mechanical representation. Photography is another form of mechanical reproduction. On the other hand, architecture is a procedure to arrange different elements in such a way which can sense human emotions and appeals accordingly. This includes varied and distinct range of human activities, their creativity, and way of expressing themselves. Through this article, a specific and subject (architecture) oriented help service to the students in assignment writing like essay, dissertation and thesis on architecture, research paper and term paper on architecture and more.

Conventionally art and architecture treated as a distinct part of philosophy, which was called aesthetics. This aesthetics is a part of philosophy that involves the different types of art, flavour and beauty. The sensibility, emotions and values of human being discussed and analyzed through his branch of study.

Art and architecture is such a branch of subject, which changes over periods according to the human nature, their taste and preferences and their behaviour to express themselves. There are various approaches based on different theories, which are used by the scholars to evaluate a piece of art and architecture. This online service named DMG Solution is able to provide academic help to make architectural assignments as per the theories made on this subject.


Various approaches to art:

As per Richard Wollheim there are three different approaches of art such as Realist, Objectivist and Relativist. Definitions of these approaches are as follows,

  1. Realist: in this approach, human perspectives and their view independently treated and the aesthetic value is absolute.
  2. Objectivist: in this approach, human perspectives and their view are not treated independently but the aesthetic value is taken as absolute.
  3. Relativist: according to this approach, aesthetic values are not absolute and are completely depends on human behaviour and their position.


DMG Solution is able to provide complete help on arts architecture assignment writing on the above mentioned three different approaches or theories.

Due to the modernisation, the realization about the function and importance of art has experienced a radical change, which was appealed against the post-modernism. Post-modernism is responsible for the alteration of our understanding about art which is modernist.

Art movement: in colleges and universities, academic course about the history of art is based on the movement of art over the years. Human expression captured through photograph, which is a type of mechanical reproduction. Movements of art basically the style of practicing art for a specific period of time by a wide group of writers. There are too many art movement was happened during 19th and 20th century. Some important of them are, Impressionism, Romanticism, Cubism, Post modernism, Expressionism, Social realism and Surrealism.

Important Art Movement

With the passing times too many new style, form and genres are emerges continuously such as digital art, photo-realism (mechanical reproduction of human expression through photograph), installation art and more. For digital art internet provided too many support tools. In before, photography was a mechanical representation about the reality but now it has emerged as a large field of study in the branch of art. According to realism, photographer captured pictures through a camera and then reproduces it in another format.

Definition of Architecture:

Architecture is a particular human activity to design and built buildings, monuments and statues by a person who is an architect or through a compute. In wider sense or macro level, this includes environment designing along with the design of a building that can able to make integration with the surrounding area of it such as planning for a township, urban design and some other whereas in micro level it includes designing for furniture and other home appliances. Architecture is making design to construct something having physical presence.

 Architectural theory and history:

Theory of architecture means the act of thinking, designing, discussing and writing which involves around architecture. DMG Solution is able to provide thorough discussion about the theories of architecture, which will be helpful for writing assignments on architecture.

Student can draw a timeline based on definitions of theories on architecture in the way given below,

  • In the time immemorial, there is no such particular theory of architecture. Although, a book was written by Vitruvius named “Ten books of Architecture” that gives definition of classical architecture in view of three distinct qualities (firmness, commodity and delight).
  • After that during the middle time, a master has passed architecture to his apprentice.
  • As in art, the actual period of greatness in architectural was started with the emergence of Renaissance in Italy which was experiences the return of principle regarding classical Greek architectural.
  • During 18th and 19th centuries there are some new innovations emerges on technological ground which was incorporated with the style of architecture for that period.
  • Traditional architectural theories focus on the architectural position within the culture whereas focuses less on style. The cultural philosophy is discussed more in masters and other postgraduate research dissertation. Technical appearances of architecture are not so considered in.

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