Defining business laws

Business Law also referred to as Commercial Law sometimes, is a branch of civil law which is defined as the body of law dealing with the different disputes arising out of grievances between different individuals, organizations, trade issues. It also deals with the issues concerning public law and private law. The extension of this law is not confined to the field of business only and as such, it covers a large area covering most of the aspects of issues related to individualism as well as when viewed from the societal view as well. As such, the branches of the law are spreading its wings in different sectors. There are different laws which fall under the category of this law and therefore, they are termed as Corporate Laws, Consumer Laws, Environmental Laws and Intellectual property Law.

Defining Commercial Law

The different wings of Commercial Law are connected with different fields and pivots around a vast area of knowledge regarding the law structure. The different branches of the law covers different fields which are associated with different fields helps in the better and smooth execution of the business laws. The corporate law deals the issues involved in corporate sector and as such deals with the disputes that arises within the walls of the corporate world. It is implemented when a major grievance arise between the different officials engaged in corporate sector such as management, shareholders, investors, board of directors. Corporate law mainly revolves round the issues centering the accounts record, profit, loss, trade policies and others. In assignment essays, corporate laws are defined in terms of many aspects. It is associated with corporate governance which deals with the rules and regulations on the basis of which an organization runs. It sets the different principles needed to create a balance of interest between the different officials of an organization. The corporate governance mainly evolved as a result of the scams of 2001-2002 and the financial collapse of US which occurred in 2008. The essay on the business law assignment helps in the understanding of different rules and regulations and also ethical considerations that are needed to be kept in mind while the running of a business in a broader aspect.

The essays also give a brief idea on corporate constitution which defines the rules and regulations which set the aims and objectives of a company. It also checks that there exists balance of power between the different company officials and also sets the ground for that by the statement of the concerned laws. The essays briefly describes that the sole responsibility of the director is to settle the disputes that might arise between the different company officials. The essays also help in gaining the knowledge about litigations which is the legal steps which are needed to be taken in order to initiate a court proceeding. The essays also help in the understanding of the methods and practices which are needed to be taken in order to raise the capital of a company. Liquidation process is one of the important topics that fall under corporate law. It is the knowledge about the steps that are required to be adopted when a company is being closed shut. The business law essays also give a brief description about the rules regarding liquidation of a company. Corporate crime is one of the major topic that falls under corporate law and as stated by the essays the violation of rules, regulations, practices and ethics in a corporate environment.

Defining consumer law

The second law that business law assignment covers is the consumer law. It states the detailed laws and regulations in order to keep the interests of customers and also ensures that customers gain full trust in the products and services. This works in the field of fair pricing, competition and antitrust. The assignments describe the complaints that are generated in airline industry which are overseen otherwise and set the rules and regulations on the basis of that. It makes sure that consumers have full faith in the airline industry for which necessary steps are taken. The assignments also help the experts to work against antitrust issues. It makes sure that all the disputes regarding competitive issues between different companies are solved by means of which consumers will gain trust in the respective fields. The assignments also state the rules on the basis of which there shall be competition among the companies and clearly states that there should exist a healthy competition among the different companies subjected to categorization by the government without hurting the sentiments of others with the competition. There should be fair trade as defined by the business law assignment experts. By the term ‘fair trade’, the law means that there should be honesty and integrity in trade practices and violators adopting unfair trade practices will be punished. There is also mention about extended warranty which states that in any case where an extended warranty is required, it should be there in order to provide better consumer services.

The laws regarding transparency are also mentioned in the assignment. There should be enough transparency among the company and the consumers and there should also exist transparency and honesty in putting the right price to a commodity. The consumers should be well aware of information regarding the product. One of the most important aspects of consumer law that falls under this category is the safety withdrawal issue. The assignments give a clear description of the rules and regulations about this which states that a product should be readily withdrawn from the market on which some safety issues have been found and the company then and there shall cease the further production of it.

Defining Environment Law

The third law which falls under the business law is environment law. The assignments provides some rules and regulations regarding environmental laws as well, thereby, stating that in the running of any organization it should pose the least amount of threat to nature. Moreover, as mentioned in the assignments, several companies nowadays are adhering to corporate social responsibility and are functioning on the basis of that. It states the impact of trade and business on environment. It is a modern day approach and a broader concept which puts forward a number of regulations to be put into effect. At the very beginning there is a process called Environmental Impact Assessment which examines the effects that a proposed plan will put on the environment. The assessment determines whether the plan will be executed or denied. The rules regarding this have been clearly stated in the assignments of the laws of business.

In addition to that, there are detailed laws specifying rules and regulations regarding air and water pollution caused by the activities of a company. There are laws which state the maximum level of water and air pollution by a company exceeding which a company shall lose the right to carry on with its business proceedings. A modern concept has come into existence about waste management. The assignment provides information to the laws on how to treat waste generated from a company. It also states the rules regarding the cleanup procedures also known as environmental cleanup which is a procedure to clean the entire waste of a particular area. Along with that there are rules regarding the use of chemicals and also sets restrictions on it so that no living life is at stake. It also makes sure that there is no threat to the wildlife or forests with the activities that a company is proceeding with. There should also be no wastage or exploitation of mineral resources and the company should stick to strict environmental policies in every aspect.

Defining Intellectual Property Law

The fourth and the last law that the business law assignment emphasizes is the intellectual property law which provides the authentic right to every individual regarding the safety of their innovativeness and discoveries in their companies. This works on the patenting, advertising, branding, copywriting of a product and a company. The assignments provide detailed description of the rules regarding different property laws. The role of patent is to provide the right exclusiveness to a company in exchange of fee and no other company shall hold the right to produce the same product of the exact composition and quality. Copyright is an exclusive right to a company which shall prevent other companies to imitate any of the products exactly like that of the company. The assignments provide rules on licensing of a company and also trade marking which is a recognizable sign provided to a company by the government. Moreover, it states that the violation of any of the stated rules is subjected to long term punishments.

In order to solve the difference issues that evolve within the business sector, some steps can be taken. The necessary steps which can be taken are arbitration, mediation, reconciliation, negotiation and litigation. Arbitration is usually the settling of disputes outside inventories while mediation is settling disputes with the aid of a third party. Reconciliation is involved with maintaining the friendly relations between two parties; negotiation is coming into a single decision keeping the interest of both the parties. Litigation is the enforcement of law in order to solve issues.

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