Computer Network means network of computers or computing devices joined together so that they can share data or resources. The computers or computing devices in a particular network are also known as the nodes. Networking is very vast and complicated domain and writing assignments on networking can be very difficult and complex. Writing an assignment on networking requires lots of information and facts. With the help of computer network assignment help students can get all the required information on computer network and can complete their assignments easily.



There are two types of computer network local area network and wide area network. Based on these two types of network systems there are other network systems known as Metropolitan Area Network, Wireless Local Area Network , Campus Area Network etc.

WAN (Wide Area Network)

As form the name only we can understand that this type of network covers a very large area. The Area of WAN can extend upto provinces as well as across countries. This type of network is generally used in telecom industries and internet service providers as the network is usually very fast having a very high speed people have to spend a large amount of money for using this type of service. WAN is generally used by government, big business organisations, telecom companies, educational organisations.

Using Wide Area Network companies and business organisations can get connected with each other even if they are in different countries. Wide Area Network can be established using various technologies such as copper wires, wireless technology by using radio wave transmission or by using optical fibres. Due to the rapid increase in the use of Wide Area Network the speed has also increased a lot in the last few decades. Earlier in the year of 1960 the service that can be provided to the user was around 110 bits per second which has risen up to 100 Gbps which can be considered as huge increase.

LAN (Local Area Network)

As from the name Local Area Network it can be understood that this type of network is generally used in a very small area. LAN is network which is generally used in buildings which have a single admin system. Local Area Network is generally used in homes for personal use, in offices, or in educational institutes such as schools and colleges etc. In local area network that is used in workplaces have numbers of computers which varies for two to few hundreds.

There are two types of local area networks one is known as wired Local Area Network and the other one is known as wireless LAN. In case of wired local area network the computers or nodes are connected with the help of wires and switches and in the case of wireless Local Area Network all the computers are connected with the help of wireless connections using wireless routers. A workplace using Local area network having a large number of systems have more large number of switches and use spanning trees so that loops can be prevented.

MAN (Metropolitan Area Network)

The MAN has the capability to equip a large geographical area like an entire city. A common example of MAN is the cable TV network. This type of networking facilities can be used in various modes such as ATM and Ethernet. Although, MAN covers a larger area than LAN which is upto 40km, coverage is not wide as WAN. The metropolitan area network connects two LANs via infra-red or microwave or laser transmission.


Also referred as the Internet Area Network is now widely used for all business, academic and government networks with the aid of fiber-optic technologies. Our experts at DMG Solution focus on this network facility that uses TCP/IP for connecting the network system globally for transmission of data.

Apart from the above, our experts also have knowledge about other networks such as PAN (Personal Area Network), WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network), SAN (System Area Network), CAN (Campus Area Network), and SAN (Storage Area Network).

The experts of DMG Solution also focus on the application of network devices such as router, modem, repeater, NIC, Hub etc. while writing a computer network assignment.  The computer network assignments are given to the students in many formats such as essays, case studies, subject-based assignments, question-based assignments etc. DMG Solution provides all these formats at an affordable rate for the students within the set time.