Standing in the 21st century the advanced and upgraded technology is the result of new inventions of science.  Application of the Information Technology is one of those advancements in science. The contemporary society is benefited as there are so many new technologies introduced in the information sector. A large scale of business organisations are based on these technologies. Information technology has become a global IT hub across the world. Information technology makes use of all the three sections of computer science, such as, computer hardware, computer programming and computer networking. The business sectors are standing on the basis of the IT.

Information Technology allows collecting data and storing them for the business purpose. Moreover with the help of the Information Technology the business organisations can retrieve and manipulate the stored data. The information technology sector is very progressive in the industry. Moreover it is also booming in the academic sector in the recent days. Naturally the number of assignments based on Information Technology is increasing gradually. The students seek help in their assignment project on IT management.

An Information Technology assignment has to cover all the required areas which are related to the management system of any business organisation. There is an alignment in between business and IT. This alignment is required in the Information Technology management. The Information Technology is basically used in the business organisations in order to achieve the set goals and maximising the financial turnovers. Moreover increasing the market competition in a particular industry is also noteworthy. Another important section is the IT governance in the Information Technology management. The corporate governance is also an important part in the managementof a company. The IT governance mainly associated with the risk of Information Technology. There various frameworks that are usually discussed in the Information Technology assignments. Information technology also includes the financial management of any business organisation. The IT management assignment focuses on three sub areas which are related to the financial management, such as, IT accounting, budgeting and charging. It is very evident that budgeting allows the company to get an overview of the production cost and in this way the company can reduce or cut the excess cost of production. Moreover the company can make a plan for the future expenses and schedule an effective way of making higher revenue. IT accounting is nothing but the expenditure of IT resources and lastly changing is process which helps the organisation to set a fair price of the products.

A proper information technology management assignment also includes the function of an IT manager. An efficient IT manager needs to implement the new technologies and explain those to the employees so that they can work with efficiency too. Applying all those technologies in the management system is also another crucial step for the IT manager of the business organisation. The IT manager has to cope with the adverse situations that may arise all of a sudden. In order to do so the IT manager has to evaluate the facts and principles of that problematic situation.