A computer programming is a set of instructions having certain rules that is provided to the computer for performing a specific task. The grammar and syntax used to write a program is known as the programming language. The term programming language is generally used for high level languages such as C, java, C++, basic, python, Fortran etc. A computer program can be used to write and solve logical and arithmetical programs.  With the help of programming language an executable computer programming can be written for computing and logical problems. The central processing unit or CPU which is also known as the brain of the computer receives and executes all the instructions which are the computer programs and performs a particular task according to the instructions received.

The codes used for writing high level languages in which programs are written are known as source codes.  The CPU does not understands the computer programming written on the high level programming language it only understands instructions which are in the binary form also known as machine language. These high level languages are further compiled and translated by series of compilers and translators so that the CPU can understand the instructions. The programs written on the high level languages are first translated into the low level languages which also known as the assembly languages after that it is converted into the binary form which is also known as the machine language. This machine language provides instructions to the CPU for performing a specific task.  Computer programming is used for developing languages which are used to develop software that are used in modern gadgets and machines such as smart phones, tablets, and digital and automatic equipments. Every digital equipments and machines that we used today has certain computer programming running inside it.

There are mainly four types of programming languages classified on the basis of the domain they are languages used for general purpose, languages used for developing systems or system programming, scripting languages and languages used for performing tasks in specific domains. Developing a program involves a large number of data which should be organised and data can be organised using data structures. Data structures involve the use of structures like graphs, trees, arrays, unions etc for organising data. The language that is usually associated with data structure is C.

Another very important and major area related to programming is the Database Management Systems or DBMS. DBMS generally deals with the storage of data in organised manner that are used in building a software. The programming languages that are generally used for creating and manipulating databases are MySQL and Oracle. With the help of these languages tables containing data in the databases are created, altered and deleted. Databases are generally integrated with the high level languages such C++, java etc so that data that are needed to build software can be stored and fetched according to the needs. Programming languages are used to develop various types of computer programming for performing several tasks.

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