Understanding Arithmetic

Mathematics is a tough subject, and arithmetic is one of the constituents of mathematics. In order to perform well in this subject student needs a help of a qualified tutor. It gets difficult for a student to complete an assignment without a help from the tutor. Mathematics constitutes lots of mathematical theories and formulas. Even for brilliant students it gets difficult to understand these theories and formulas, which result in difficulties in application of it.

Just as spelling is one of the main parts of writing, Arithmetic is one of the main parts of mathematics. It refers to the calculation regarding the properties of regular life. Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division are the different operations for calculating the problems. Arithmetic is an essential part of mathematics, which helps the people to calculate their simple day to day calculation as well as helpful in advance level calculations associated with businesses and science. Thus arithmetic is used by most of the people even though if they are educated or uneducated. The formulas and laws of arithmetic is completely undisputable, unlike the other laws and formulas of science which are debatable. Thus this branch of mathematics is also known as formal science. Since the formulas and laws cannot be changed, it is been used by most of the people as it uncomplicated like other laws and formulas of science.

Main Elements of Arithmetic

Arithmetic consists of several elements which help in solving the problem with much ease. However, the main elements are divided into three parts namely, Elementary Arithmetic, Decimal System and Number System.

  • Elementary System

Elementary arithmetic refers to the simple calculations of digits or natural numbers. The calculations are done on operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Multiple tables assist the users to calculate, as well as there is a sequence of calculation to decide which one has to be calculated first. This sequence of calculation procedure is presented by the short name as BODMAS. BODMAS stands for Bracket, Or, Division, Multiplication, Addition and Subtraction respectively to their sequence.

  • Decimal System

This part of arithmetic consists of numerical system with the base of ten. It is mostly used in modern mathematics for doing calculations involving the decimal numbers.

  • Number System

Number system is another element of the arithmetic. There are different numbers such as real number, rational number, integer, irrational number, odd number, even number, positive number, negative number and prime number.

Problems students face in working out on their arithmetic assignments

Sometimes these calculations gets complicated and students fails and completing their assignment. One simple mistake in the calculation results to incorrect answer. Students fail to identify this mistake in their calculation thus they follow the same mistake resulting in same incorrect answer. In this case students need a help of a qualified tutor or an expert to identify as well as rectify their mistake.

Another problem students’ face is the shortage of time to complete the assignment. Students have to complete many other assignments and sometimes it gets difficult to complete assignments on time. Apart from these students also has many other activities, and due to this students fails in giving time for the completion of assignments. Due to these factors students face problems in working on their arithmetic assignments. Thus they approach an expert to complete the assignment.

Helps students need to work on their arithmetic assignments properly in order to develop a good career

Arithmetic is a branch of mathematics which is used in all the sectors of life whether it be academics or business, this is required everywhere. The calculation of percentage of number is done through arithmetic, which is required in business and trade for calculating profit and loss of the company. Thus arithmetic is important in every sector, so it is very essential for students to understand the formulas as well as sequence of performing the calculations properly. Many students fail in understanding the complicated theories and formulas of this subject. Therefore they always need a help from the experts and qualified tutors for suggestions to complete their arithmetic assignment. This helps them to acquire good marks in their academics as well as to make a good career in future. Apart from these students also does not have much information regarding the proper references or theories and formulas as well. In this case help provided from experts helps students to get the correct sources and know the correct procedure of completing the assignment.

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