Dissertation is a sort of assignments which are done by the undergraduate and graduate students as a part of their academic curriculum. Dissertation is a detailed writing on a particular topic which includes argument, exposition and a methodical discussion on the issues and principle involved in the chosen topic. Choosing a good and appropriate topic for writing a dissertation is very important. The topic should be chosen in such a way that it covers the knowledge of the student and also help them in demonstrating ideas otherwise the result can turn out to be disastrous. The three necessary points that should always be remembered while writing a dissertation are think, research and plan.

A student should think wisely before choosing a topic which should cover the subject of interest and the scope of study. After the topic has been chosen it should be explored and a detailed research should be done on the topic so that important information and data can be collected. Dissertation structure should be planned wisely including the sections that are needed to cover the chosen topic in detail.

Dissertation sections should be planned wisely and time should be allocated for all the sections this will help in completing the dissertation in the stipulated time. Usually a dissertation structure contains various sections which are related to the topic chosen for writing the dissertation. Planning is very important for writing a dissertation. A well structured dissertation provides ease to reader and helps them understand the writing which can fetch students very good marks. Therefore dissertation sections are the most important thing while writing a dissertation. The core sections of dissertation structure remains same however some sections are included or excluded depending upon the topic chosen for writing the dissertation.

The core dissertation sections that are usually involved in the structure of the dissertation are Cover page which a student usually gets from the office of the university, which includes the details of the course, year, name and index number of the student and also the title of the dissertation. After the cover page comes the acknowledgement page where the students should mention the sources from where the information have been collected and also gratitude should be expressed to the person who have helped them in completing the dissertation. After the acknowledgement page abstract should be written. An abstract is generally the summary or the gist of the dissertation from which a reader gets the idea of the dissertation. There should be a content page where all the sections and chapters that are included in the dissertation should be given with page numbers. After the content page there should be a page where all the figures that are used in the dissertation should be listed. After that the main body of the dissertation should be started which will contain all the chapters and headings that are required to cover the topic the main body includes introduction, literary survey, methodology, results, discussion, recommendations, conclusion, reference list and appendices. The well structured dissertation is always appreciated.

The length of the dissertation may depend upon the research topic and the number of variables considered for research that adds up in the contributing chapter etc. In most of the cases, the length of the dissertation is prescribed by the Universities or mentors as per the course criteria. The length of a dissertation may also differ from subject-to-subject. The structure and the number of chapters differ from subject-to-subject. For example, the structure of a management dissertation differs from a law dissertation or a dissertation on one of the humanities subject like history. The online writing services like DMG Solution provides services for writing dissertation on various subjects. With the expertise from the various subject experts, DMG Solution provides a well-structured and well research dissertation to their clients.

Choosing a suitable research methodology is one of the most critical aspects of writing a dissertation. A student may get confused to choose from various methodologies like Saunders’ Research Onion, Bryman Social Research Methodology, Ethnographic methods etc. DMG Solution assist students to choose the appropriate research methodology based on the research topic and subject. The choice of research design, research strategy, research approach, sample size, data collection and tools for data analysis like Spreadsheet software or SPSS follows with the selection of the research methodology. The experts of DMG Solution follow the systematic approach while processing a dissertation thereby having less error rates.

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