Reviews – Good or Bad?

Writing a review assignment of Book/Article/Movie often sounds exciting to many people. Many people although having the enthusiasm of reviewing a book/article, however, does not have any idea of how to proceed with writing a review. A review of a book or article or movie differs from one another and each has some unique ways of portraying expressions, thoughts, and criticism.

There is no dearth of reviewers in today’s digital media edge in various review and social media websites. However, only a handful of the reviews can be considered a complete success, gaining popularity, reference, and followers. The rest although toils hard while writing their reviews, they fail to capture the attention of the viewers. You may have come across such reviews where the content is not engaging enough and you are bored after reading few lines and move to other sites. This is where the accomplished reviewers have the added advantage. For the students who are writing review assignment, for example a book review, it is recommended that the student reads the book before proceeding with the review. It is important to understand the genre, plots, subplots, and characters mentioned in the book. For non-fiction books, the ease of language and the extent of research done in the book must be observed. We would advise you to keep a note of their opinions and thoughts while reading the book. These notes help in giving in your personal touches to your review making it engaging and intriguing.

Structure of writing a review

Like every other assignment, a review also have a structure that needs to be followed to make it systematic and yet creative. First, start with a catchy title that gives an impression about your overall rating for the book/article you are reviewing. Introduce your review with the title of the book/article followed by its genre and a short description of the book. If you are reviewing an article, it is better if you summarize the key ideas, arguments, and findings in the article as its target audience is more specific and might be small compared to the target audience of a book.

The body of your review must be with the description of the book and align it with your thoughts and ideas. Evaluating the content and flow of the book should be the next part of your review. If one add examples from the books while analyzing then it gives a much better idea to the reader about the said book. Conclude the review with your overall impressions and how it helped you in gaining knowledge or in getting you entertained.

In case of fictions, we would advise you to write a character sketch analysis in the evaluation section for better impression and acceptance among your readers. Likewise, if you are reviewing a movie than an analysis of the actor’s performance in the movie must be added. In addition, a good reviewer also adds a brief analysis of the ambience and soundtrack of the movie. An expert in technical knowledge in movie production also adds a description about the graphics and screenplay of the movie. Before concluding a movie review, you may give your recommendation whether the movie is a must-watch or can be ignored.

Finally, it is always advisable to go through your own review before submission. A review with spelling or grammar errors may lose a reader due to such negligence.

Challenges in writing a review

Students often face certain challenges while writing a review like lack of creativity, less word stock, expressing one’s ideas, no idea about the structure and time. Time is one of the common challenges among the students and writing a review do demands time if they are just starters. Reading a book of hundreds of pages do takes time. Students often apply short-cut and writes the review with limited knowledge and research thus ending up with low grades. Online assignment writing services help the students from such a dilemma and provide a well researched and creative review within the deadline.

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