Law of taxation refers to learning of policies, rules and regulations which are used to monitor the legal procedures related to taxation system. This assignment is based on law of tax and covers areas which come under taxation such as payment of taxes to four different levels of government indirectly or directly and others.  Basically, taxation system defines charges that help to regulate transaction, licences, income, property and statutes of estates. A detailed idea about laws related to taxation can be gained from this taxation law assignment prepared by our skilled experts. The assignment on taxation provided by us helps to prepare dissertation, cases studies, legal essay and term-papers.

Different kinds of taxes

Federal government has enforced different kinds of taxes to control activities within society and to supply services and goods to citizens. In addition to this taxes are also applicable to citizen for generating revenue of state from indirect and direct aspects. In order to understand concepts of different taxation system student can take help from skilled experts. Some of the common taxes are discussed below with expertise-

Different kinds of taxes

Income Tax

Income tax is applicable to an individual, to legal entities and to an enterprises. According to this taxation system the tax is levied on income of each individual or each business entity of a specific country.

Capital gains Tax

An individual or a company is entitled to pay taxes on profit arises from the sale of assets. Therefore the taxes on gains from sale of asset are termed as capital gains tax.

Inheritance Tax

This type of tax is applicable at the event of death of any individual. Tax rate of this tax depends on value received by beneficiary of deceased person. In some countries this tax is also known as death duty.

Retirement Tax

These types of taxes are imposed on person retired from company. This tax is charged by the companies to finance the tax dedication of retirement foundation.


Excise taxes are charged at the purchase of defined goods like gasoline. These types of taxes are not directly paid by consumers because this tax is charged on merchant or produces.

Corporation Tax

Corporation tax is paid by companies under different jurisdiction. The companies or organisation are entitled to pay taxes on profits retained by them after meeting all the obligations.

Property Tax

Property taxes are paid on market value of property along with millage tax. Basically owners of real estate or other different property are bound to pay this tax.

Wealth Tax

A set of taxation law such as capital transfer tax, capital gains tax,  endowment tax, property tax are considered in Wealth tax.

Toll Tax

The amount paid while travelling through bridge, road, tunnel or other routes are termed as toll taxes.

Value Added Tax

The tax levied on added value of product after each modification or exchanges is termed as value added tax.


These types of taxes are paid on imported articles or goods. When goods are imported from foreign countries taxes are paid which are called tariffs.

In every country there is legal body which is entitled with the activities of regulating taxation system. This is done by countries to make sure that every country has sufficient funds to provide services to people residing there.  Different countries have different taxation system according to regulations and it also specifies the amount to be paid as tax. The tax can be paid either in non-monetary or monetary form as specified according to regulations.

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Some examples of taxation laws

Law of Taxation in UK

From the taxation law assignment student can remain updated about prevailing taxes in UK. Recently UK has amended the prevailing tax system which includes territorial tax system, taxation system for companies from the global aspect and others. It is necessary to mention that CFC or Controlled Foreign Company create obstacle of diversion of profit in UK from companies situated in lower cost jurisdiction, hence protect artificial diversion of profit in company.

Law of Taxation in Australia

The connoisseurs of the DMG Solution defines that in Australia there are some important taxes such as goods and service tax, income tax (applicable to both company and an individual) and excise duties. In order to control and monitor these tax systems several acts are imposed in country such as Mineral Resources Rent Tax Repeal, Tax and Superannuation Laws Amendment Act 2014, Clean Energy Legislation (Carbon Tax Repeal) Act 2014, Measure Act 2014. Tax Laws Amendment Act 2014 (2014 Measures No. 1) are the latest additional tax in the taxation system of Australia. Students can use law assignment on tax to avail more knowledge about taxation system of Australia.

Law of Taxation in US

In US, IRC or International Revenue Code is the main source for generation of federal taxation which implies different taxes such as gift tax, income tax, excise tax, estate tax and others. The federal authorities of taxes have authority to amend above said taxes and other legal information related to law of taxation. Student can use assignment on law of taxation for gaining detail idea about taxation system of Australia.

Professionals of DMG Solution also have thorough idea about companies which issues law related to taxes and also collect revenue from taxes. The class entity which is lower for creating tax law and collecting revenue is local government of country like township, municipalities, and districts. On the other hand higher class entity lies in countries to regional states and at federal levels. Hence expertise of this assignment can assist students to evaluate those levels.

As mentioned by experts of DMG Solution, tax is complicated subject and it constantly fluctuates for two different reasons-

  • Firstly, codes of taxes are utilised for objectivity rather than generating revenue for meeting agendas related with politics, society and economics.
  • Secondly, constant amendment in tax codes

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