The corporate law is the legal study of the stakeholders, shareholders, directors and creditors who exist in the periphery of the entire business environment. The company law generally encompasses the corporate law which concentrates on the foundation and operations of the organisations. Additionally, the corporate law is related to the persistent regulation at the time of dealing with the assets during the time when the organisations are terminated in liquidation.

The regulation of company law is closely associated with the commercial and contract law. As the law is considered to be one of the critical subject areas for the students, the students fail to construct the assignment efficiently. For this reason, many online assignment services have come forward to help the students in every possible way. The online service does not only help the students writing the assignments fluently but also help in their coursework or another company laws related divisions.

Divisions of Company Law

While writing the company law assignment, the students should keep in mind two important sections of the corporate law, namely, corporate governance and corporate finance.

  • Corporate Governance – The power relations between the senior executives of the organisation is indicated by the corporate governance.
  • Corporate Finance – Corporate Finance implies the area of law where the funding and capital structure of the organisation is related to the core sources of the corporation. Additionally, the law corporate governance controls the activities of managers and their implementations to intensify the value of the corporation before the shareholders.

Business Forms

The students have to be careful while writing the law assignment and they should consider including the various types of business organisations for obtaining better grades in the assignment.

  • Sole Trader – Sole trader is known to be the most uncomplicated form the business organisation. The sole trader enables various advantages to the business and aid in improving the growth of the business. One of the benefits of the sale traders is that the business organisation does not require legal filing and fees. Furthermore, the organisation does not need any advice of the professional for the firm. Another benefit of the sole trader is that this form is directed by an individual and is run without acquiring any complex organisational structure. However, the advantages of the sole trader are prevalent in its form. It is not considered to be a helpful form to increase the business capital. Moreover, both the profit and losses are recorded in the account of the sole trader. The related law of the sole trader is the Trade Descriptions Act 1972 which administers the unlawful offence of making untruthful claims.
  • Partnership – Partnership is considered to be one of the most legal business forms. However, the experts of the assignment help service have drawn attention to the advantages and disadvantages of the partnership. The partnership requires no legal filing during the period of becoming partners. Only two members can initiate the partnership and it will be treated as a legal partnership. Nonetheless, the primary disadvantage of the partnership is that the partnership ends with the death of a partner. Another disadvantage of this legal business form is that the other partners are liable to pay the debts of a partner. Partnership Act 1890, Limited Partnerships Act 1907 and Limited Liability Partnerships Act 2000 are interlinked with this legal business form.
  • Company – By applying to the company registrar and following the fundamental constitutions, a company is formed. The primary advantage of the company is that the company is capable of parting the capital into small monetary amounts. Furthermore, the restricted liability enables the opportunity to lessen the risks for investors and in this way; the investors are encouraged to invest. However, one of the biggest disadvantages of this business forms is that the formation of a company can be time consuming and expensive. Another drawback of this business form is that it is considered to be a complex organisational structure for small business. The company encompasses the Companies Act 1956, The Companies Amendment Bill 2006 and Post 2006 Act System for Registering a Company.


Features of a Company

While writing a company law assignment, the students should consider the vital components and characteristics that are interlinked with the body of the company law. The professionals of the assignment help service shed light on the subject where the company is responsible for many rights, obligations and duties which are governed by the law. Here are the main features of a functioning company,

  • Corporate Personality – Through gathering information for the company law assignment, the students will be able to acquire knowledge of corporate personality. The corporate personality implies the information that a company only exist as long as the law concerned. This section focuses on the matter that a company can be sued or held for its company and be responsible for paying the debts.
  • Limited Liability – The limited liability describes that the shareholder of a company is liable to pay the amount when the shares have to be paid. The shareholder is liable to pay the amount of the shares even if the liabilities of the company exceed its assets.
  • Perceptual Succession – Perceptual succession indicates that a company does not lose its incorporation it the law is not concerned. The experts of the assignment help service indicate that the company remains unaffected by the departure of a prime member. However, with the death or departure of a prime member, the leadership can be changed.
  • Separate Property – The Company has the duty to control, manage and dispose of its property.
  • Transferability of Shares – The capital of the company consists of the small shares and the shares are transferable property which is restricted by certain terms and conditions.
  • Common Seal – The Company does not possess a physical entity and the company recruits agents to deal with the contracts and the agents should be in possession of the seal of the company. The seal represents the official signature of the company. Hence, while these important features in the company law assignment, the students require the assistance of assignment help service.
  • Contractual Rights – The experts of the assignment help service draw attention to the fact that the shareholder is not liable to enforce a contract made by the company. The shareholder is not a party who gain benefit out of the contract. Furthermore, he can be sued on the contract which the company has made. The prominent variation that is prevalent is that the organisation and the members of the organisation are not restricted to the rules of privacy.

Limitation of Action

The guidelines of the Memorandum of Association restrict the power of the company. It highlights the fact that the company has no right to go beyond the regulated power of Memorandum of Association and the issues must be fixed within these limitations. The students should be aware of the limitation of action that the Memorandum of Association applies to the company. Furthermore, the assignment help service provides the students with subdivisions of the law and simplifies the subject matter for them.

Company Laws all over the World

The company laws vary from one country to another country. Thus it can be seen that each and every country follows different constitutions for the company laws. The experts of the online assignment help service provide the students precise and detailed information on the company law assignment. The accurate data and information help them to prepare quality assignment as the company law assignments require authentic information on the subject matter. Hence, the students need to acquire in-depth knowledge of the company law.

Company Law in the USA

Corporate law in the USA consists of a different legal system than that of other countries. The corporate law system of United Stated contains 51 different systems of corporate law for regulating one law in each and every state and also for the District of Columbia. Model Business Corporation Act (MBCA) and the American Bar Association are two preceding two sources of the legal system of USA.

  • Corporate Governance – The professionals of the assignment help service imply that the development of the state’s corporate law takes place with the incorporation of the courts. Additionally, the directors, shareholders, stakeholders and employees determine the power that is going to be shared among the people who are linked with the corporate. The students must keep in mind the incorporation of the company laws within the peripheries of the company vary from one company to another company while writing their company law assignment. Furthermore, the incorporators can amend the laws as per the requirements and feasibility of the corporate organisation. However, the incorporation must take place abiding the minimum mandatory standards of the company law.

The actions of the stakeholders are governed by different sections of law and different degrees. Generally, the law which the incorporators can exercise is to elect or remove them from the office. The students can find extensive use of the study of the Investment Rights in the company laws material that includes the Investment Company Act of 1940, Investment Advisers Act of 1940 and Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974.

  • Corporate Finance – The corporate finance of United States of America include Dodd- Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, Securities Act of 1933, Securities Exchange Act of 1934, William Act and Investment Adviser Act of 1940. Additionally, the corporate finance involves many other decrees and other sections under the decrees. The students can take help of the assignment help service to write the company law assignment with ease and obtain better marks in their study course.

Company Law of UK

The company laws in the UK govern the legal activities of the corporate organisations that have been established under the Company Act 2006. Furthermore, the related company laws in the UK are regulated by Insolvency Act 1986, the UK Corporate Governance Code, European Union Derivatives and other court cases.

  • Corporate Governance – The fundamental components of a UK company are the board of directors and general meetings. The board of directors and general meetings cooperate with the balance of power within the periphery of an organisation. Similar to the legal structure of US, the UK stakeholders have the compulsory right to remove the directors. The removal of the board of the directors can take place by a simple majority. Trade and business are free in the UK to give access to the employee participation as the members in the general meetings. The employees are granted permission to select board of member; however, conventional companies do not follow this rule. In the UK, the directors are considered to be the chief authority of the companies. The seven principles of the duties are interlinked under the Companies Act 2006 sections 171 to 177.

The experts of the company law assignment provide information to the students in a simplified manner and discuss the decrees that the sole trader involves within the boundaries of company law.

  • Sales of Goods Act 1979 indicate the imposition of the goods of trader should meet the satisfactory quality according to the terms.
  • Supply Goods and Services Act 1982 imposes the deals with a reasonable acre, price, skill, time and cost.
  • Data Protection Act 1984 indicates the register of the source, nature and purposes any private data.
  • Consumer Protection Act 1987 implies that a person is liable when he sells flawed product resulting in damage and injury.
  • Price Marking Order 1991 compels the sellers to put the price of the product for sale in written format.
  • Corporate Finance – The experts of the online assignment help service assists the students in analysing the facts of company law while writing for the assignment. In the United Kingdom, the corporate finance is associated with the rights and responsibilities of shareholders, employees and directors in relation to the administration and accountability. The Insolvency Act 1986 maintains the creditors’ capability to clear out the company assets including security through a floating charge.

Company Law of Australia

The academic experts of the online assignment help service indicate the fact that the company law of Australia has significant similarities to the company law of UK. The structure of the company law of Australia is primarily based on the Corporations Act 2001. Additionally, the experts help the students to understand the statues that are enforced by the regulatory authority, namely, Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

  • Corporate Governance – The online assignment help service helps the students enlighten that the corporate governance not only relates to the abiding and explaining but also decides the opportunities of director’s responsibilities.

The Corporations ACT 2001 of the company law in Australia implies that the shareholder is in possession of one vote per share. Companies governed by the Australian stock exchange deviate from one share per one vote. Under CA 2001 section, 249D it is indicated that the directors should arrange a meeting for the members with more than 5% of voting or minimum or if minimum 100 members appeal for it in a written format and state the resolution behind the request. The liabilities and legal duties of the directors can be found similar that of other jurisdictions even in the terms of loyalty and duty of care.

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