Criminal Law is defined as the set of rules and guidelines that are implemented by legislative bodies to make sure that there is enough safety of the public and also curbs crime from the society. The law has been conceptualized in order to encourage social conduct. This system sets a vast set of rules and regulations against criminal activities which is decided when someone is harmed with someone else’s activities. Under this system, every individual is bound to strictly abide by the rules and regulations and in case of violation of rules, they shall be punished. Criminal Law makes the pathway to the achievement of criminal justice.

Types of Criminal Activity

There are several jurisdictions which are set on the basis of the type of criminal activity accordingly which there will be distinct punishment for the violators. Crime can be divided into several categories. There can be felony crimes or misdemeanor crimes. Unethical behavior which harms any individual or their property shall also be regarded as crime. Cases involving theft, or fraud and even drug issues can also fall under the category of crime. However, crimes can differ from one country to another depending on which the mode of Criminal Justice can also vary in different countries.

Purpose of Criminal Law

Criminal Law works for the betterment of the society by working for the criminal justice of the people and as such, it has certain purposes. As stated by some of the experts from Criminal Law assignment the sole purpose of this law is to make proper laws for criminals and to punish them who had violated the rules. This law also holds the right to refrain the criminals from doing any kind of criminal activity anymore and it shall also protect the innocents from the hands of the criminals. The sole purpose of this law is to prevent crime and reduce crime and should see that there is enough criminal justice for the benefit of the society. Apart from punishing the offenders, this law also acts as a barrier in the course of criminal activities thereby, creating a sense of fear in the minds of the people thinking of adopting unfair or criminal activities. However, in the course of punishing the defenders the law binds the basic rights of the civilians by providing them with the basic fundamental rights that every individual deserves.

An instance of the Miranda advisement and Fourth amendment prohibition against searches and seizures shall be made in this context. It also sets the ground to prevent impartial judgment by initiating the necessary steps to investigate properly with the aim of getting the actual crime scene. The law also preserves the right that every defendant has the exclusive right to present an attorney on his behalf and in case he is unable to do so, he shall ask for the same to the concerned court. The law assignment of the criminals states the rules and regulations to all these in a detailed way.

Structure of Criminal Law

In most of the countries in the world, there are five basic pillars of the criminal justice system. The law assignment experts have given a brief description of the different pillars of the system which are law enforcement, prosecutor, defense attorney, courts and corrections. As opined by the law assignment help desk officers, law enforcement is associated with the enforcement of law within a specified area. The officers are required to arrest the criminal of the activities that had taken place in his area. His responsibility is also to collect the relevant evidence from the crime scene and protect those for future use. He shall also have to be present during the court case trials and tribunals and present necessary information in the court proceedings.

Prosecutions are termed as the judges who are hired by the court and represent the state or government. The main responsibility of the prosecutor is to present evidence in the court, question witnesses and to cross examine the defendant. The prosecutor has to be present in the court from the commencement of the case till the time the final verdict is passed by the chief criminal justice. On the other hand as stated by the criminal law assignment experts, defense attorneys are the lawyers who represent the defendants while the running of the court case. There is a basic right of the defendant that is offered by the court to avail lawyer in case he does not have his own lawyer. The defense attorney tries to save the defendant as far as applicable during the court case. In a court, a vast area of the rights and responsibilities rests with the judge. His primary responsibility is to make sure that laws are strictly followed in the court proceedings and that there exist professional atmosphere inside the court. Moreover, the final verdict shall also be based on the rules and regulations as stated in the law. In addition to that, the judges also hold the right to decide whether to release an offender or carry on with the court trials. The judges can also accept or reject plea agreements, extend court hearings. Moreover, the right of the final verdict of whether to free the defendant or to sentence him punishment also rests with the chief justice of the court.

The law assignment experts also states about the correction procedures that exist within the walls of the prison. They closely keeptheir eyes on the behavior of the defendant and inform the judge of the same. In some places, the correction officers are given the duty of keeping a close eye on the defendants and inform the judge about the same before the commencement of the trial. The officers can also sometimes inform the victims of the behavior of the defendants.

Rights of Criminal Defendants

The criminal law assignment help experts describes some of the basic laws that are provided to the criminal who have supposedly been arrested for undertaking criminal activity with reasonable doubts under the court. Although the basic right of the criminal defendant is to avail attorneys on their behalf, other than that they hold some other rights as well till the time they are given the final verdict by the court.

The basic rights they bear are to remain silent by means of which a defendant cannot be forced to give witness against himself and to confront witnesses who are present in the court. They have the right to present witnesses on their behalf that shall be helpful for the running of the court case. They are also subjected to the right to be presented in a public trial as well as a jury trial. They should also have a speedy trial like any other case. They have the right to avail sufficient representation by the court. Moreover, no criminal shall be punished twice for the exact same criminal activity.

The assignment experts of the law of criminal activity help in the understanding of various types of crimes. It also helps in learning the various aspects of criminal justice approaches. The criminal laws are different in different countries. Moreover, some activities are there which might be a crime in one country but not in other country as stated by the law experts. The law therefore, presents the right to safeguard the basic human rights of the criminal defendants.

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