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DMG Solution provides help on assignment of bio-sciences through online services. The web portal DMG Solution has professionals from field of biotechnology for delivering assignment of biotechnology. The professional consist of professors, experts and tutors from biotechnology field and can provide help on assignment to excel in classes. The student can oversee the sample on assignment of biotechnology provided by our website to experience the quality of work on assignment. In the following part diversification of bio-sciences in the field of education over years has been discussed.


Biotechnology is basically application of living organisms technically to prepare products which are useful in human life. DMG Solution provides assignment of biotechnology including its sub field. Biotechnology can be defined as mixture of microbiology, technology, chemical engineering and computer sciences.

History of Biotechnology

In early period agriculturalist prefer to choose those crops which can create hindrances for pest and insects to attacks crops and also yield high productivity. Human from ancient period are using biotechnology for producing foods after modification of plants. In later period organism are discovered which are useful for trapping nitrogen and leading higher productivity of crops.  After that fermentation was discovered this was utilised in leavening and brewing of bread. Apart from this bio-technology was also used in animal kingdom. It was considered that selective breeding was performed by people but they are unaware about the fact that it was another form of biotechnology. In 19th century it was evaluated by Charles Darwin while explaining the theory of evolution that selection of natural species is form of biotechnology. Biotechnology also played important role in the field of medicine and has assisted for development of various important medicine like antibiotics, penicillium and others.

Microbiological culture was used by Chaim Weizmann in 1917 in industrial process for developing acetone and was used in explosive production. On the other hand Penicillium is used for development of antibiotics in 1928 by Alexander Fleming. Currently some amazing findings has been revealed in bio-robotics, genetics and bioinformatics field. Nowadays scientist can manipulate the genetic structure of any organism by introduction of new DNA. The result of change in genetic structure can be observed by the birth of genetically modified organism of GMO, the genetic structure of this organism is altered through genetic makeup. In 1973 GMO bacterium was first discovered and after that in 1974 GMO mouse was discovered. From 1944 onwards foods was discovered which was genetically modified and produced commercially.

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Main areas of biotechnology

Major areas of biotechnology which is covered in assignment provided by DMG Solution are as follows-

Bio-process engineering

Concepts of biology are used in Bio-engineering to discover different useful products in field of chemicals, agriculture and pharmaceuticals. This products are biologically useful and sustainable in environmental. Professional of DMG Solution offers assignment on bioprocess engineering to assist student.


Bio-robotics is an important and inter-related part of biotechnology in information related to biology are used for developing robots, these robots are used for providing biological functions.


Main areas of biotechnology


In bioinformatics mathematics, computer science and other subjects are studied to process data on biological. This is largely used in producing information related to gene and for genetic mapping.

Chemical engineering

DMG Solution also provides assignment on chemical engineering which consist combination of engineering and chemistry and are basically used in manufacturing industry. Sub branches of chemical engineering are fuel-cells, bio-engineering and nanotechnology.

Application of biotechnology

Biotechnology is applied in various fields according to its sub-branches to increase manifold. Here, three areas of biotechnology are mentioned on which assignments are provided by DMG Solution.


In industry biology is applied for manufacturing detergents, chemicals, biofuels, food products and others. Incorporation of biotechnology in industrial manufacturing activities reduces emission of carbon footprints and greenhouse gases.

DMG Solution provides assignment on courses of bio-technology offered by some of the major universities of countries like UK, US and Australia. Five top universities which offered course on biotechnology are Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, Berkeley and University of California.

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Biotechnology is applied in different field of agriculture for producing biofuels, genetic modification of organisation, bioremediation and pharmaceuticals agents. In recent years different successful GMOs were produced and production of those has attracted controversies and thus has dealt separately. Assignment on biotechnology provided by DMG Solution m consists of genetic engineering and thus stressed upon production of fish, crops and other which are genetically modified.  It is observed that government of different countries around the world do not have accurate information about usage of GMOs because regulation related with such things varies from country to country. Europe allows importation of GMOs crop but it does not allow cultivation of all GMO crops. On the other hand in USA patents are issued for cultivation, export and import of GMO crops.

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In field of medicine biotechnology is used for producing new drugs, basically this is the field of pharmaceutical industry. In this industry pharmacology is combined with pharmacogenomics and genetics to assess effect of drugs on human bodies. Biotechnology has facilitated the research on cancer and HIV/AIDS. On the other hand biotechnology has also made possible the research work on stem cells. Experts of DMG Solution conducted surveys on several companies to examine drugs produced by them and other products of pharmaceuticals by using methods of biotechnology. Some of the best lab of biotechnology such as Dr Reddy’s Lab of India, Celgene, Amgen, Gilead Sciences of USA and Novo Nordisk of Denmark are world best biotechnology labs.

Student can avail assignment on biotechnology from DMG Solution at best rate. Biotechnology assignment provided by experts of DMG Solution consists of genetic testing which is an important part of biotechnology. This test is performed for two reasons such as-

  • To find out original parents of child if dispute arises over her or his ancestry
  • To find out diseases which are from birth in child

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