Biology – The foundation of life science

Biology as a discourse is diverse and can be defined as a natural science. It focuses on studying life or living matter in all its processes and forms and highlights on structure, growth, function, distribution, evolution and origin of organisms. Assignments on biology require sufficient knowledge and expertise, thus, students must take help online from expert tutors for gaining a better insight into various aspects and critical factors of biology.

Classifications in Biology

Biology as a discipline covers a vast area and includes various branches. It is thus necessary to subdivide these branches of biology for enhancing knowledge and making learning easier. Even though there is a clear difference between various branches of this discourse, every subcategory is interlinked and interconnected by basic theories and principles of biology. Experts of biology assignment help online discusses these subdivisions for students’ better understanding.


This is the study of microscopic organisms, which can be either unicellular or single celled, multi-cellular, or with a cell colony or a-cellular or with lack of cells. Examples of microscopic organisms that remain the focus of study for microbiology are viruses, bacteria etc.


Zoology can also be referred to as the science of animal kingdom, which studies physiology, structure, distribution and classification of animals.


This branch of biology deals with plant life and engages in the study of its structure, ecology, genetics, physiology, classification and distribution.


This branch of biology is concerned with the study of birds.


This subdivision focuses on fishes and engages in the study of its classification and distribution.


Mycology is the science of fungi and is concerned with its biochemical and genetic properties. Herpetology:

This is a branch of zoology, which deals with the study of reptiles and amphibians.


This branch of biology focuses attention on insects and engages in the study of its distribution and classification


This branch is concerned with the study of humans in their past and present.

Marine Biology:

This scientific study deals with seas and oceans and unravels various facts related to it.


Biotechnology is concerned with living organisms and their systems and processes within service and manufacturing industries.

Characteristics of life

Biology assignment experts opine that the discipline of biology is majorly based on two worlds. While one is visible, including living organisms like animals, humans and plants, the other world is invisible and consists of organisms such as viruses and bacteria. On a more basic level, the fundamental unit of life for every organism is a cell, which forms intricate and complex systems.

As defined by biology experts, cells form primary unit of structure and function in all living organisms. Studies reveal that the human body is made up of trillions of cells, which are solely responsible for the structure of the human body. Biology experts of online help have stated various crucial functions of cells that are primary for every living organism. The foremost function of a cell is to take nutrients from food and convert such nutrients into energy. Cells consist of many parts, each of which has distinct and vital functions. Distinct parts of each cell also carry out typical and specialised functions, which affect structure and functioning of whole body.

As noted by help experts, structure of a cell includes many distinct parts. These are stated to give students a basic idea. Accordingly, a cell includes the nucleus, cytoskeleton, Golgi apparatus, cytoplasm, endoplasmic reticulum, ribosome, mitochondria, lysosomes and peroxisomes and plasma membrane.

Biology tutors at online assignment help also opined that biology as a study is based on two major categories of cells, which are eukaryotes and prokaryotes. Characteristics of each are described in brief for better insight and knowledge

Characteristics of eukaryotes

1: These cells are found mostly in animals, plants and humans

2: Eukaryotic cells include the nucleus, cytoplasm, cell membrane, DNA and ribosome.

3: Most eukaryotic cells are multi-cellular and consists a cell colony.

4: These cells are identified to be more complex and intricate than prokaryotic cells.

5: Such cells can either be a single cell or can make up intricate organisms with multiple cells.

Difference between eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells

Characteristics of prokaryotes

1: Prokaryotic cells are recognised to be mainly single celled organisms that are found mostly in bacteria

2: In such cells, the genetic material is not stored in their nucleus as they do not possess a separate nucleus.

3: Compared to eukaryotes, these cells have much less organelle

4: Organisms with prokaryotic cells are mainly asexual, thus, they do not require partners to reproduce.

As stated by biology assignment help online experts, genetics is a biological study that deals with heritable traits of organisms. This subdivision of biology illustrates how certain specific hereditary traits are transferred from one generation to the next leading to similar features and characteristics. Hereditary is also defined by biology tutors as sum of definite biological processes which help in transmission of particular characteristics from parents to offspring. Layman often tends to confuse between hereditary and genetics. However, within the discipline of biology, these two mean entirely different things. While hereditary includes inherited characteristics, genetics revolve around genes. Genetic disorders may not always be inherited. To make this aspect clear to students, biology experts discuss an example. Somatic mutations do not occur in gametes or in eggs and sperms, rather occurs in tissues. These mutations often stand as a cause of cancer; however, not all types of cancer are hereditary.

As defined by online help experts, photosynthesis is the process of conversion of light energy into various compounds such as water, carbon dioxide and stored chemical energy in form of sugar. Considerable emphasis is given on this aspect while dealing with biology projects. The initial process of photosynthesis starts with the transfer of electrons from water to carbon dioxide molecules having poor energy. After the formation of sugar molecules that are rich in energy, carbon dioxide is decreased and water is oxidised. This initial step is followed by the transfer of electrons from water to sugar products that are more energetic with the help of light energy. Last step includes conversion of solar energy into chemical energy. Biology experts of online assignment help service emphasise on fundamental issues of photosynthesis process for enhancing students’ knowledge.

Principle theories of biology

Biology as a discourse is based on certain vital and primary principles. These remain the foundational issues, which further helps in the construction and definition of terms, processes etc. Students must avail biology assignment help online for gaining better insight into such principles theories. Experts focus on certain principle theories of biology for enhancement of knowledge.

Cell theory:

Biology experts consider cell theory as the most significant principle of this discipline. According to this theory, cells form primary units of structure for every living creature. Cell theory was developed and gained attention while advances were being made in microscopy during the 17th century. This theory also holds that cells are fundamental units of human structure and new cells develop from existing cells.


Genes consist of DNA and are located on chromosomes. Gene theory was developed in 1860 by Gregor Mendel, who found that certain traits or features are often passed on to offspring from parents. This gene transmission from one generation to another remains the basic aspect of gene theory. Students can contact biology assignment help services for more information on gene theory.


Experts of biology consider evolution as specific genetic changes in a certain population that is generally inherited over many generations. Such changes may vary significantly and can be small or big, overlooked or noticeable. For an event to be regarded as an evolution, definite changes must occur at genetic levels of population and should be transferred from one generation to another.


Biology experts consider homeostasis as a capability that helps organisms to maintain a definite and fixed internal environment in respect to changing external environments. This aspect is majorly controlled by endocrine systems as well as nervous systems through feedback mechanisms, which consist of innumerable organs and organ systems. An example is given by biology writers of online assignment help service, which is, that body temperature of organisms control blood pressure, respiration, pH balance and water and electrolyte balance.


This theory is considered to be a unifying principle of biology. According to the theory of thermodynamics, energy transformation is not efficient entirely and energy remains constant. Students of biology should take assistance from experts of biology assignment help online to enhance their grades.

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