Significance of Agroecology

Agroecology is the field of study related with ecological systems that are implemented for and in the process of agriculture to produce agricultural products. This is a branch of study based on the application related with how agricultural goods can be produced by applying favorable and suitable ecological designs to form sustainable agriculture and agroecosystems.  The approach is made for producing agricultural products which is manipulated to align the processes of sustainable environment and ecological systems. There are some alternative agricultural forms which are employed for crop production and production of food products.

Significance of Agroecology

The study of Agroecology becomes vital and most important because it improves the long term goals of sustainable and healthy environment and sustainably healthy agricultural systems rather than just for short term aim of producing crops and food products. Amongst the features of Agroecology is that plants cultivation does not depend on the environmental resources like fossil fuels, quality of soil etc. It implements sustainable agricultural practices to make focus on the better and scientific use of water resources and to preserve soil for the healthy environment and ecosystems.

The basic of Agroecology consists with concepts regarding food products production which are healthy for human. This not only provide practices for that are healthy for human but also is targeted to provide healthy environment for the ecosystem. The processes involved as Agroecological practices, provide help for the professional cultivators and for the non-professional individuals both who are involved in sustainable agriculture and growing plants.

Basic Concepts of Agroecology

The increment in the use of unsustainable and harmful practices and climatic change, the total volume of food production of the world is declining. However, technological support and mechanism in production of food has been increased extensively. This has been done to meet the growing need for food across the world and to fight with the hunger.  With the traditional agricultural practices by using unsustainable resources, like depending on the machineries that are runs on fuel and needs electricity, have already creating problems. The requirement of alternate scientific methods for the purpose of sustainable agriculture has been increased. This new alternative agricultural methods have to use the knowledge of ecology and ecosystems to implement better and improved methods for the betterment of agricultural practices. This will increase the agricultural productivity.

In recent time, we are able to know that unhealthy practices and unscientific use of fossil fuel like, coal, and petroleum affects our environment negatively. For securing healthy environment new and modified methods needs to be invented and applied scientifically. For todays the need for preserving ecosystem raised due to the continuous unhealthy and harmful practices that are taken before for agricultural purpose. Sustainable resources need to be preserved as soon as possible to make balance in the ecosystem. For these unhealthy practices food production declined and the quality of the food also declined. Thus, agroecology is being recognized as the new and modern way to increase the production of food to serve people stricken by hunger all over the world. This is much needed to be implement to manage the growing needs of the increasing population of the world as well as to avoid degraded agricultural practices those are the reasons for the destruction of the environment and responsible for the increasing and fluctuating climate change, global warming and other environment related problems.


The fundamental unit of study as per Agroecology is agroecosystem. The system of agroecosystem is a part of traditional ecosystem.  Ancient activities and practices regarding sustainable agriculture is staying at the centre of it. Although, this branch of study is not only associated with the field of agriculture or farming. The Agroecosystems include the place (differing accordingly with different country and its climate, soil) or location where the agricultural activities like plant cultivation, animal rearing, dairy farming and other farm based work take place. Features of a particular area generally changes due to the differentiation in flow of energy along with complexities and varied types of species. This change also happens due to the balance amount of net nutrients.  Particular area of sustainable  agriculture and other different firming changes accordingly with the area of production, regional policies regarding sustainability and environment due to the complexities and differing features  associated with energy, resources, species and the balance of net nutrients amount.

Traditionally, an agroecosystem is described as having simpler amount of nutrient and energy flow along with simple composition of species present in the ecosystem and compared to the natural ecosystems. There are too many agroecologists, who hails agricultural practices within agroecosystems as an alternative of the mainstream farming.  These are available to identify the negative effects on water resource, causes soil degradation, soil erosion and low fertility

For this reason, the agroecologists’ claim that agroecology within agroecosystems will become crucial to preserve the existing ecosystem and to prevent further degradation and damages of the environment. Agroeconomists are not opposing the use of various technologies which are providing aid in the existing agricultural practices but they are addressing how these modern technologies can be used in a better way that can provide betterment from the perspectives social, human, and natural assets. Here the Agroecologists includes and indulges into the questions that are related to the properties of agroecosystems. These properties are stability, productivity, equitability and sustainability.

Types of Agroecology

There are different types of assignments related with Agroecology. These are given below, Observation based assignments, and Field work based assignments, Essays on topics related to agroecological practices, Case study, Review articles, Data analysis.

  • Observation based assignments: assignments on Agroecology are often based on observational studies. Students have to go for field trips to observe and assess agroecological practices to learn about the concepts of agroecology. Observational works takes too much time for which students get very little time to formulate their observations to write the assignment. For solving these problem students need help on agroecology assignment from professionals who have expertised to understand this field and are able to provide good written work based on the observational data.
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  • Essays on topics related to agroecological practices: Agroecology students often required to write essays on some interrelated topics like agriculture, ecosystems, soil erosion and preservation and sustainable agricultural practices. In that case issue arises if the student has no such experience on those topic related fields due to the absence of practical work, which causes difficulties for them to write assignments that are based on those topics. That time students also require help from agroecology experts and they seek out online Agroecology assignment help.
  • Case study: From traditional agricultural practices from different geographical areas and locations are studied to understand them. This helps the experts to adopt those practices as alternatives to industrial farming. For that, to understand these alternative agricultural practices students has to do case studies. They need to observe the differing agricultural practices from different locations. In this matter students faces two types of problems as they need much time to travel for that places and secondly, students has to indulge with farming and food production practices of cultures often which becomes problematic for them. In these situations, students require assignment help.
  • Review articles: Students of Agroecology often to do review on environment, ecology, agriculture for their assignments work which needs lots of time. They face different problems with making literature reviews to make the conclusion of their assignments. Student often fails to search proper way to find online article and then the way to review it. For extracting relevant journals and articles for review becomes very complex and confusing for students. That time they need the expert help from assignment help.
  • Data analysis: For agroecology practices, research and field work required a huge amount of data to be collected through interviewing and surveying different practitioners and experienced people from specific location and communities. Data collection can often be managed by students but stating them into written assignments becomes problems for some students. This time students can seek out professionals for their agroecology assignments from online assignment help providers to do the assignments properly and timely.

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