Different types of essays and their features

The term essay was first coined by Michel de Montaigne in the 16th century. Its journey began to canvas the self. Later ‘essay’ was explained in a more flawless manner by Klosterman, an American essayist. The term ‘Essay’ basically delineates the personal opinion on a specific matter. Moreover it contains the critical analysis of that very topic. The most known genre of essay to the students is the Academic essay. The main purpose of the essayist is to portray the opinions of him on a certain topic. Essay can be distinguished into two separate divisions. The first one is the character based essay and the second genre is structure based essay. There are total 11 types of character based essays. All the different types of essays can be distinguished with the analysis of their unique features. Each type of essay does have separate qualities. The structure based essays are depended on their specific structure which helps to differentiate one essay from another. The principles of graphical structure of any essay are very important for the author while writing the essay.

The names of the essay types themselves portray the type of essay. The large variety of essay serves people to explain their opinion on any specific topic. For instance some essay types are selected and described here. The purpose of Analytical essay is to provide an account of analysis of a particular topic in the essay. Sometimes confusion arises in this concept. Not only can’t the summary of any text be considered as the analytical essay. The focus has to be on the basic issues and enlarging the inner meaning of the particular topic. The graphical structure of essay also plays an important role in this context. Similarly another type of essay is the Argumentative essay. This kind of essay is mainly based on the new beliefs introduced by the author. The essayist has to do research on the specific topic and go through the literature on it. After the analysis the author can come down to a point and introduce the new beliefs to the readers.

The qualities of essay firmly delineate the basic features of the essay. It helps to typify several kinds of essays. In fact the graphical structure of essay is interrelated to the qualities of essay. The structure informal essay and Research will not be similar as their qualities and the purposes are different in kind. The qualities of any essay portray the characteristics of it.

Apart from the character based essay, the structure of any essay is also noteworthy. The entire structure can be parted under separate heads, such as, the Three-Paragraph Essay and The Five-Paragraph Essay. The former has three part structure, such as, Introduction, Body and Conclusion. At first the author has to introduce a certain topic to the readers and then the explanation and description of that very topic will be discussed in the body part. In the last paragraph a conclusion will be drawn from the respective topic.