Of late MBA has become a prerequisite for entering into organisations for managing and multi-tasking. MBA is the course of managing the business administration of a business or a non-profit organization. It involves planning, organizing, directing, staffing, controlling and budgeting. MBA is a master degree course that guides a student in marketing, economics, and basics of business accounting as well as finance. The core subjects used in this course includes accounting that provides an idea about cost, managerial operations related to it and financial accounting. Corporate investment decisions are taught to the students through the use of theories and concepts. The microeconomic analysis is taught to students through the relevant theories in business. Product and planning is an important section that is focused on through operating system and project management, innovation and change management. A balance between organizational behaviour and human behaviour is an important concept in business administration. Business Statistics is a subject that deals with auditing, marketing research as well as econometrics. Financial management teaches the students to efficiently manage the funds in order to benefit an organization.

Human Resource management is a vital aspect of MBA as it deals with managing the employees, their training, and recruitment and performance maintenance. Marketing Management determines the market position and acceptance among people through promotional tools and strategies such as 4Ps of marketing. Business ethics deals with compliance with individual and organizational values. Corporate Social Responsibility helps a business to contribute to social good. These are the basic subjects under MBA course. Subjects of specialization include Marketing research to learn about the trends in the market, Organisational structure to have knowledge of organizational needs and functions and Strategic Management to know about enterprise and organizational goals and objectives.

In addition to it, the Business Law deals with legislative policies relating to business, Project management dealing with planning and implementation to have project success and Entrepreneurship for starting a new venture. International business deals with the spread of business on a global aspect, Management Information System deals with the strategic utilization of information, Finance, and Marketing to know about fund management and promotion of business. Leadership and Corporate Social Responsibility deals with the proper management of organizational functions to adopt Innovation (new business ideas).


Operations Management and Strategy are some other subjects related to MBA. Business Schools in UK, USA, and Australia provide MBA courses but differ in their fee structure. Stanford University (Stanford Graduate School of Business) ranks first in the US, in the UK it is The London Business School and in Australia, it is University of New South Wales (Australian Graduate School of Management). Each of them varies in their course fee structure and duration of courses. Others include The University of Melbourne (The Business School of Melbourne), University of Chicago (Booth School of Business), etc. the types of business assignments include an essay, case studies, thesis, Project report, book review, PowerPoint presentation, and dissertation. DMG Solution provides best assignment service in order to help the MBA students deal with problems such as huge range of subjects to focus on, leadership-skills, evaluation and changing nature of concepts, lack of encouragement and adjustment with new words. DMG Solution provides customer services 24*7 and delivers high-quality content based on recent facts to enable students to acquire good marks.