History of Humanities

Before describe the history of Traditional humanity some basic facts about the term humanity. The word ‘humanity’ came from a Latin word “studia humanitatis” that means a study that is able to enrich human being and suitable for every cultivated man. The aspects of human culture studied through this field of social science called humanities. This includes history of art, linguistics, philosophy, musiology, literary studies, and historiography. This field of study covers a broad section starting from the study of grammar to the moral philosophies of human being. An Italian term “umanisti” also includes the study of Traditional humanity and this refers to the people practicing or studying humanities. Our humanities assignment help includes this history of humanities.

Since the Greek age, the field of studied regarding humanities evolves but it becomes significant during fifteenth century when the period of Renaissance begins. Many social reformers has taken this subject according with the time and required practices needed for that particular time period. The traditional humanity includes literature, music and history as historian does not feel to add different sectors in this field of study. But with the passing time too many different sectoral studies is been added to this field of study i.e. humanities study. This subject of study includes political science, economics, anthropology and sociology. During 19th century too many new and innovative ideas of social scientists has been experienced by the field of humanities. There are some new way of study introduced and open for practice for the subject of study about humanities. This assignment is based on humanities and this is able to provide assistance to the academics regarding the field of study in humanities.

Various fields under humanities

The term ‘studia humanitatis’ which is a Latin word acts to make human knowledgeable regarding different subjects regarding social studies to enrich their moral quality and to cultivate them. The subjects that Traditional humanity includes are added with too many new subjects on the field of social studies. This assignment is helpful to provide humanities assignment help in every different subject of humanities. The most important and specified fields in this context are given as follows:


This field of study is based on languages. This is a very important field of study for humanities. This field of study includes development, improvement, timely modification and change of language across the world and in different countries. Different country have their own and distinct language having different features. With these different and varied features every regional language present in the world is putting effort to restore their own dialects. Traditional humanities talks about this field also.


This is the study consists of different and varied aspects of human life and their behavior. Philosophy of a human being made from their education. It is a fact based on the morality and mentality of human being. It deals with the existence of mind and beauty and everything present in a human behavior by his/her looks and morality. After the evolution (from 19th century) of this field as study become a vital branch of study that deals with different challenges faced by people in their life. This includes some basic concepts to identify the various problems of human life.


This refers to the study of existing written work that are able to provide important information and knowledge i.e. that are consisting with literary merit. In our world every language has their own literature. From the English language to the African dialects every culture has their own written documents, archives, journals about different field and subject matters. This includes poetry, drama, lyrics of regional songs, novel and poems. Literature study makes people know about the history of their culture and periodical evolution in different sector.

Social Science:

This is a major academic field of study and it comes under the category of broad Humanities. This field includes different scholastic fields. The field of Social Sciences talks about the subjects who deal with the different features, important aspects of human life and their livelihood. It field of study includes economics, anthropology, history, geography, politics, political Science and sociology and more. Social Sciences emphasizes on a scientific approach to study and explore the potential areas of these subjects. It involves various qualitative and quantitative techniques and methodologies to study them.


This field of study speaks about legal system and the various ethical, moral and social values those are attached and associated with it. The legislation of a country includes different law along with its different rules and regulations. This field of study also involves the Law made for and under Humanities and this is a very large category. This sector of social study involves conflicts arises between people of a community or country or between countries and communities and procedure to resolve these conflicts as per the governing rules. International relationships are building over these studies. Different country and its government have their own law and these are formulated as per the political policies of the existing government. Relationship between different countries across the world is made upon the prevailing law of both the countries.


There are too many religion and their different cultural and religious practices across the world. From time to time every religion has been developed and improved. They keep their own districts fragrance all over the world. Too many religions have been flourished during past decades. This particular field of study in humanities helps to explore and experience various facts and features of different religions and their practices. All these religions have their own significance on their respective fields.

Performing and Visual Arts:

Today performing and visual art has gained an immense popularity with new concepts and themes. A person of human being, when use his or her body parts to make posture, or use to posture, figure, making impression, to express themselves, their voice and figure it becomes a performing and visual arts. Visual arts are an art that left lasting impression of human mind and behavior. This is a very large field of study which includes drama, acting, painting, dance, music, theatre, cinema and every sort of performance which can be seen through human eyes and are visually displayed. Large number of take these fields as their profession which involves creativity and innovation. These people are intended to perform through theatre or making exhibition about their creativity in front of the audience.

Various fields under humanities

The term studia humanitatis should be known by the student along with its real meaning and importance. The traditional humanities modified by adding some new fields of studies to enrich the educational quality of the learner or the students. This added subject of this field is able to provide multiple benefits to the students.

Why Students Need to Study Humanities?

This assignment regarding Traditional humanity has received lots of appreciation from students. To get the best guide for humanities assignment student can get help from the website DMG Solution. Student need to study humanities to get knowledge about the different segments of social studies which help them to enrich their beliefs and thoughts regarding society. They should know about the traditional humanities along with the modern humanities. There are various reasons for which a student can include humanities as their study. These reasons are given below,

  • Humanities consists exploration, innovation and creativity. It field of study is able to enrich and provokes human thoughts and then allows them to take an insight for the realistic world and everything of this world.
  • This field includes examining poetry, prose based on romanticism, critically.
  • The field of Humanities also involve planning for a new economic models which is needed to develop a country overall.
  • Humanities involve human to express their unique and creative thoughts through painting, film, theatre, music, drama and dance. These are derived from personal creativity and innovative thoughts.
  • The complete subject or field of study of Humanities enriched with knowledge about the existing and ancient culture of different countries and its varied civilizations, the rich and attractive history of human race. This also provides different ideas which provide help to build new and glorious future.

Students get benefited from humanities in different ways. These are like, the study of humanities help a student to improve their writing skills and verbal skill. This helps them to communicate with people in a better way. The analytical skills and logical skills of a student enriched with the study of humanities. This will help them to optimize their professional career along with his/her future life. Studies regarding humanities induce personal knowledge, quality of understanding, apprehension and appreciation and respect for different religion and culture. This field of study is very vital for the globalized behavior and mind of people living in the 21st century. This helps students to improve and develop their thoughts and beliefs about different society, religions, and country background. Idea regarding social equality, justice, interpersonal values and morality is influenced positively and efficiently with the study of this particular field. This provides a successful and meaningful career option for the students who want to pursue their career in the branch of Humanities in their life. Students can perform as Economists, Sociologists, Philanthropist, Lawyers, Artists, Teachers or Professors and by taking this subject as their field for study during academic period.

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