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Meaning of Accounting

Accounting is a process in which the collection and recording of transactions in a firm or company. It a professional part in the organisation, which needs to take care of, it, is concerned mainly with the communication of the financial statement in the organization. It is very important  to first prepare a profit and loss statement and preparing the business affairs.


  • Recording
  • Summarizing
  • Classifying
  • Interpretation


There are many regulations and rules, which the companies need to follow while carrying out accounting. The set of rule and regulation helps to form a basic structure within which the company performs.

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Accounting principles are:

  • Accrual principle
  • Cost principle
  • Consistency principle
  • Conservatism principle
  • Matching principle

Significant concepts and elements of Accounting


This is the practice of classifying, recording, summarizing and interpreting the financial transactions in an organization

Profit and Loss Statement

In this statement, a company’s evaluation and summarization of the operation are done. This statement mainly determines the successful picture according to the profit earned by the company, or the unsuccessful picture when the company makes the loss.

Cash Flow Statement

This statement pictures and projects the inflow and outflow of the cash in an organization during a financial year. This statement shows the cash flow transacted in the mode of cash. The positive picture is captured when there is an inflow of cash while a negative picture projects the outflow of cash.

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Trading Account

Income and expenditure earned in the primary operation of the business are reflected in this account. Production expenditure and income, which is created, are shown in this account.

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