The existence of mankind and various inventions by them human being introduces the term ‘science’ to people. Before discussing this term ‘science’ in a detailed manner the history of it should be known to all. It is important to know that how the term came in front and from where it was stemmed out. The word ‘science’ was originated from Latin word ‘scientia’. This meaning of this Latin word is knowledge. The science assignment experts have also given a definition of it. According to that definition science is the systematic process which provides a number of ways to apply the acquired knowledge through study and practice. Science also helps people to understand the social and natural world. This process follows a systematic methodology which is mainly based on real evidences. The students of science can take help of the science assignment desk.

It is needless to say that science is vast subject as it has ample branches. This large area of science becomes sometimes difficult for students to understand. It takes time to get an overview of this subject. There various fields that can be discussed under the head of science. It does not matter that which stream of science students are opting and planning for their higher study. The assignment help assures the students that they complete their assignments and projects of science without facing any difficulties and hurdle in it. The way of study or the techniques of recent study system has been changed widely. The current system incorporates online study materials and study courses as well. Student can access numerous study materials online for help in their assignment of science project. There are wide ranges of online assignment help in the subjects of science. These online assignment help provide its service in the chemistry assignments, political science assignments, physics assignments, computer science and many more branches of science.

Different fields of Science

The vast subject of science can be segregated into several branches. The three major categories of science are namely, Formal science, Natural science and Social science. These three categories are considered as the base of science. The fundamental aspects of science are usually covered by these three. The interdisciplinary and applied science comes on the top of the list, such as engineering and medicine. All the scientific fields which are opted by the students for specialisation are covered by the assignment help. It also provide the required materials to the students for their science assignments. In order to get a detailed overview and polish the knowledge of the students regarding the branches of science the students need to do assignment the particular subject in their study course.

The discussion on the different branches of science all the categories and their subcategories need to be mentioned. It will help the students to gather the basic knowledge on science. One of three major categories of science is the Formal science. This very category of science mainly deals with the theories and formal systems. The subcategories of the formal science are namely, Logic, Statistics, Decision Theory, Mathematics, System theory and Theoretical computer science.

The next category is the Natural Science. This branch of science is very valuable among all the branches. It mainly focuses on understanding, describing and making prediction on the natural phenomena. The main tool of the Natural science is observation and evidences on that particular phenomenon. The Natural science can be divided into two main categories namely, physical science and life science. Physical science is also divided into several sub categories. The basic branches are the Physics and Chemistry. Apart from these two there is another branch which is called the Earth science. This branch is consists of Geology, Ecology, Meteorology and Oceanology. The name of these sub categories reflects the considered fields. Moving into the advanced time period the branches of science are spreading widely. The second main category is Life Science. In comparison with the physics and its branches there are less sub categories under this this head, such as, Biology, Botany, Zoology and human Biology.

The Social science comes on the third position. This branch of science mainly deals with the social relationships among the individuals and the society itself. This branch is concerned with the examination and evaluation of the social relationships. This field of science helps the students of science to understand that how an individual interact with the others existing in the society and how they develop the relationship and culture. The subjects which are mainly segregated under this particular head are namely, Geography, History, Economics, Philosophy, Linguistics and Law.  All these subjects play an important for making a vast knowledge on science.

Students who have opted any of the subject that are mentioned above can avail the assignment help from the assignment experts. These assignment experts have the concerned degree in the subjects of science. It is needless to say that the science subjects are not at all easy to grasp and doing masters level programs on these subject is a hard nut to crack for the students. In that case they need the guidance and assistance of expert minds. The students have to acquire knowledge on many complex theories, such as, Newtonian mechanics, fluid mechanics, and chemical bonds. This kind of knowledge is essential for the students of science for gaining the basic idea on this subject. In that case the students can take help from the online science assignment help. DMG Solution is providing all the required assignments to the science students.

Some remarkable invention of Science

People cannot even imagine any of their step without taking the help of science. They are literally surrounded by the scientific inventions. Each and every moment is the witness of new inventions and discoveries. The scientific inventions and advanced technology has reached the world to a new horizon. Few inventions of science are discussed here.

In the ancient time people were not able to print the written copies but the printing of scriptures started after the invention of printing machine by Johann Gutenberg. The inventor of the printing machine improved the previous invented techniques and the outcome that experiment is the printing machine. The Chinese people already had the formula of paper and block printing in the early 11th century. Another invention which should be mentioned in the list is Airplane. Everybody knows about the Wright brothers as this is an extraordinary invention and changed the life of human beings. Moreover people won the limit of sky. The Wright brothers made their experiments on airplane successful on 17th December, 1903. Beside these inventions of science another noteworthy invention is the Motor Wagon in the automobile industry. It was invented by Karl Benz in the year 1885. The motor wagon was powered by an internal combustion engine. Later on Henry Ford brought some changes and improved the production process. He also developed the marketing strategies. In this way automobile was introduced the people and they desired to get a car in an affordable price. The list cannot be ended without mentioning the invention of light bulb. Mr. Thomas Edison is considered as the father of light bulb though he did not founded the light bulb first. Edison invented the first commercial and incandescent light. He continued with his experiments and made the design. He filed U.S patent for this discovery on 4th November, 1879. Another most remarkable invention of science is the moving pictures. It is a praiseworthy invention in the world of entertainment as it has been very popular among people. A new wave came into the world of amusement when the still pictures started to move. The motion picture camera was first introduced by an American businessman called, Thomas Edison.

Medical Science as an key branch of Science

Medical Science associated with Human health has proven to be a key branch of Science evolving since the earliest times of medical treatment in human history. Today, the modern medical science and healthcare technology not only helps in curing and preventing cures but also provides wide area of research for treating life-threatening diseases and body disabilities. The students pursuing medical science has options of making career in medical research or specialized field experts. The medical research can be categorized into Pharmacology, Neuroscience, Cancer Research, Toxicology and many others.

How DMG Solution can help the students?

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