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IT Assignment

IT includes both Information technology as well as Information Communication Technology (ICT).  As IT is a very vast subject area having lots of facts and information doing an assignment of IT will involve lots of information and facts. With the help of Information Technology Assignment help a student can get all the information that is needed to complete the assignment.

Computer technology that we used today is very advanced. It has evolved through many years and has developed rapidly in the recent years. Today every work is done with the computer or computer based technologies.  While writing an assignment on information technology it is very important to give the important facts regarding the evolution and history of the computers. All these information can be found on the Information Technology Assignment help.

Charles Babbage who is considered as the father of the computer had proposed the first computing device in the year 1834 which was a analytical engine. However Colossus developed  the first working electronic computer in the year 1940 but it was also replaced by RAM(Random Access Memory) developed by William Tube and after that lots of developments were carried out in the field of computers such as Eniac in the year 1946 which was known as the first generation computer, then came the UNIVAC in the year 1951 which was known as the second generation computer and in the year of 1980 MsDos was born and PC was introduced by IBM which was considered as the third generation computer.

IT Assignment

Information Communication technology is also a major part of the Information Technology. Information Communication Technology is the technology in which information is accessed with the help of Telecommunication. The information Communication technology involves the use of internet, phones, wireless networks and focuses mainly on the communication. With the development of It Information communication Technology has also developed a lot and people are using the communications technology a lot.

Nowadays, the sector of telecommunication has risen a lot and almost every people in every country and every part of the world are using internets. People are using social networking sites so that they can interact socially with the peoples of different regions and countries with the help of internet. Nowadays due to establishment of  lots of telecommunication companies the call rates of the cell phones have also reduced a lot and people can enjoy talking with friends and relatives. Nowadays, there lots of messaging applications have been introduced such as whatsapp, snapchat, viber with the help of which people can enjoy texting and they can even video call with other persons by using these apps easily with the help of internet. All these kinds of facts needed for writing assignments can be found in Information Technology Assignment help.

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